Nuance Healthcare to Launch Dragon Medical Mobile Search


Nuance, the company behind Dragon Dictation and Dragon NaturallySpeaking has done it again. This time they are going after the medical market with an app that anyone in a healing profession will likely find quite useful. Nuance Healthcare, their medical division, is launching the first of their four iPhone apps for clinicians. Dragon Medical Mobile Search brings speech recognition specifically designed for doctors, PAs and nurses to the smartphone.

The Dragon Medical Mobile Search app will

give clinicians a smarter way to search for medical information… The voice-enabled medical search app for iPhone is a tool for clinicians to dictate a search query and within seconds receive results from a variety of sources such as, IMO®,, MedLine, MedScape and Google.

So I decided to try the app out with things that are relevant to me and those I care about. First up… Rheumatoid arthritis… the app nailed it.


That was easy though so I tried one of the medications I take…


And then another.


Those were pretty impressive so I decided to try a diagnosis that I can never remember how to spell…


And it got it. Here’s a relevant one…


So I figured I would try another…


and another…


Whether the medical term was a simple as “broken nose” or as complex as ankylosing spondylitis the app properly recognized it and delivers a tremendous amount of information from a wide variety of sources.

Dragon Medical Mobile Search is pretty amazing and will certainly be a huge hit with anyone in the field of medicine who has an iPhone or an iPad. Best of all, right now it is totally free. Grab it here…

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  1. 😆 Too Funny! I just saw your references to “broken nose” (hey, that’s me!) and “anaphylactic shock” (yep, that’s me, too!). What a crazy week it has been. Thanks for the smile. :-))

  2. Just saw that google is releasing their own voice to text functionality. Fine but… Why???

  3. I am not sure, but if it is anything like the translation service you get with Google Voice, it will be a total waste of time. I almost think we should start publishing some of the funnier transcriptions. :eyeroll:

    • That’s what blew me away here. It nailed “broken nose” and “a.s.” and the specific drugs. And it got them all right the first time. I was super impressed.

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