Everybody Wants a Meme … BrainResidue ‘Reviews’ the KFC Skinwich

Everybody Wants a Meme ... BrainResidue 'Reviews' the KFC Skinwich

If ANYONE really doubted that you could simply post something claiming to be a review and get some credible follows, here is the latest: the KFC Skinwich! A site called Brainresidue has a story saying that KFC is testing out the new sandwich at a few locations. Here is the description.

KFC is testing a new sandwich: The Skinwich.

5 layers of fried chicken skin, lumped on a bun and topped with white american cheese and bacon.

It’s only available at a handful of KFCs (for now). One happened to be right near our office, so I walked over.

They describe how the sandwich tasted:

Nasty. The richness of all that fatty seasoned skin is totally overwhelming. It’s also tongue-parchingly-salty.

I started to gag and got that “brushing the back of your tongue” feeling. Had to spit it out. In KFC’s defense, the sandwich was luke-warm after taking the pics. But I doubt it would be much better hot.

With this latest move and the Double Down‘s success, KFC may be catching up to Hardees/BK in the “making sandwiches so nauseating they generate buzz” dept.

So far so good – there are sites like ‘This Is Why You’re Fat‘ that highlight the abominations some food shops are putting out there in order to attract attention. Heck, KFC itself has the ‘Double Down’ which is a sandwich with NO BREAD!

How did I know it was fake? First clue was in the link to ‘their office’, which pulled up an image of the Goldman Sachs building in NYC. Next were the ‘other locations’:

Other Skinwich test stores:

* Ekaf, Maine – Colbert Blvd.
* Tihsllub, Oklahoma – Corner of 3rd & Twain.
* Eritas, California – Dense St.

My critical thinking light went off because ‘test markets’ are either clustered or in a few major markets. So NYC could work, but nowhere in Maine or Oklahoma is large enough to warrant a test. Then there are the names … spell them backwards and you get Fake, Bullsh*t and Satire.

Funny stuff … but a bit sad that it is believable that someone could actually be testing this out!

Source: Brainresidue

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  1. Seth Vertelney | August 18, 2010 at 6:14 pm |

    The great American fat-ass-athon continues. Today's entry: the KFC Skinwich (this is a real thing, btw) http://bit.ly/a0OBfK

  2. Libby Hickson | August 18, 2010 at 6:47 pm |

    @jamie_oliver Looks to be a fake, Jamie – check this out: http://bit.ly/a0OBfK

  3. Thankfully, the #kfc "skinwich" is not real, it's incredibly sad I thought it plausible for 2 seconds: http://tinyurl.com/2faoxmt

  4. yep, it's fake http://is.gd/enF5u RT @yaygrr: ugh, please let this be untrue.. RT @allahpundit: I want to believe http://tinyurl.com/33yf4q6

  5. Dammit, Skinwich too good to be true. http://bit.ly/dkw7kV

  6. Is the KFC Skinwich for real?? http://bit.ly/9BGZXy The answer is no. But weird that it is, kind of, believable. http://bit.ly/dkw7kV

  7. Are we sad that the KFC Skinwich is a joke? Sort of. http://bit.ly/dkw7kV

  8. damn, the Skinwich is a hoax – thanks for ruining the dream @deedelara http://bit.ly/dkw7kV

  9. @SgtFanciful ha, gladly. remember what they say – artists are never appreciated in their own time. by the way, http://bit.ly/dkw7kV

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