Homemade iPad Case from a Gear Diary Reader!

Homemade iPad Case from a Gear Diary Reader!

One of our loyal Gear Diary readers dropped me an email today sharing the homemade iPad cases she’s selling on Etsy. Sure, you can hit up one of the big case makers for a slipcover, but if you’re looking to support a fellow geek, this could be a fun option!

Homemade iPad Case from a Gear Diary Reader!

As Dan pointed out, iPad cases come in all styles, from leather to metal to plastic snap ons and thin vinyl skins. And now with sites like Etsy, you can even get something homemade and custom designed just for you!

Yasemin’s Etsy page can be found here, the iPad case as pictured is $50.00.

Will you be buying one of Yasemin’s creations? Have you seen other DIY cases around the web? Share your experiences and thoughts below!

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  1. I’ve made an iPad case too! :o)
    Mine’s a crochet pattern which I’ve put up free for any one to try!


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    Homemade iPad Case From a Gear Diary Reader!

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