iPad Accessory Review- InnoPocket HexaPose Stand for Apple iPad

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So you love the look of your iMac… and you need a stand for your iPad… and you like it when things match… has InnoPocket got an iPad stand for you!

The HexaPose Stand for the Apple iPad looks like a cute little Apple iMac that can hold your iPad in either landscape or portrait for handsfree use. And when paired with Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard… it is so darn cute… but it is functional too. Let’s take a look.

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From InnoPocket-

InnoPocket HexaPose iPad Stand is made of solid aluminum and tough polycarbonate with a chic design tailor-made for the Apple iPad. It comes with a rotatable pivot which can allow you to freely rotate your iPad horizontally or vertically. The pivot can also be adjusted 3 ways for different viewing angles for surfing, reading, gaming or movie viewing. HexaPose Stand is the perfect gadget for your iPad if you use iPad at home just as your PC.

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Clip-on, sleek looking table and desktop stand for your iPad

Solid and strong aluminum base

Precision molded polycarbonate frame to hold the iPad securely

Hold the iPad in both landscape and portrait orientation

Multiple viewing angles for surfing, reading or movie viewing

Cutout gives access to iPad’s dock connector for charging and syncing

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My Take-

When I first unboxed the HexaPose I was surprised at how light it was. It is not light in a bad way mind you but for some reason I just expected it to be heavier. When I compared it to the UpStand that I reviewed last week however I discovered that they are about the same weight.
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The stand comes in five pieces. The aluminum base, the plastic iPad holder, the brace that connects the iPad holder to the base and the two screws to hold the bace in place. Putting it together took all of one minute. Before I knew it I had a cute little min-iMac in front of me.

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The HexaPose can hold the iPad in landscape and does so at an excellent angle for viewing.

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It can also hold the iPad in portrait which is great if you are using the Bluetooth keyboard and doing a lot of typing.

What is especially nice about the design of the stand is that regardless of whether the iPad is in landscape or portrait the dock connector is always accessible thanks to careful cutouts in the iPad holder. That means you can sync or charge the iPad while using it, a feature that makes this stand quite convenient if you are using it for long periods of time.

The iPad holder does a great job of grabbing the iPad securely. The design is such that there is no way the iPad is coming out of the holder unless you consciously choose to remove it. That’s the good news.

Now the bad news… in order to use your iPad with the HexaPose it needs to be naked or, at most, only protected by a skin. This makes it a little less convenient to use than some other stands. Now that I am using the monCarbone Hover Coat carbon fiber backing on my iPad (have I mentioned I love it??), makes using this stand a multi-step process of removing the shell, placing in the HexaPose, removing from the HexaPose and putting the shell back on. That’s too many steps for me.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a shortcoming of the stand but rather it is just a reminder that the reason there are multiple styles of stands and cases available is not just because different people have different kinds of aesthetic appreciation but because different people use and protect their iPads differently. A stand that works perfectly for me may be the worst stand for Larry and the one that works best for Judie may not be ideal for me. The HexaPose stand for Apple iPad is awesome… for the right person but for me, and the way I protect my iPad, it isn’t.

The bottom line is this- if you often remove your iPad from a case when using it during the day… and you want it held securely while you work… and you dig the mini-iMac look this is the stand you have been waiting for. It is well made, functional, looks neat and is priced nicely.

The InnoPocket HexaPose Stand for iPad is available directly from the InnoPocket Web site.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Looks like a cute little iMac; holds the iPad securely in either orientation; cutout for dock connector lets you charge and sync while using it; at under $50 it is well-priced

What Needs Improvement: Required a naked or near-naked iPad to use it

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