Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT! Organizer Review

Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT! Organizer Review
A while back, I reviewed an excellent Cocoon Innovations netbook case with an integrated GRID-IT! Organizer, a feature that I really loved. However, I wished I could have one for bags I already owned because I really liked the way it kept all my items secured in one place. Now, my greatest wish has come true–an individual GRID-IT! organizer!
The GRID-IT! is a unique, flexible organizer that basically allows you to secure the smallest of items, like pens or earbuds, or larger items, like phones or chargers, using a series of stretchy elastic straps in what they call an “object retention system.” I am always looking for something to help me corral the clutter in my purse or larger work tote bags, so when Cocoon asked me if I wanted to review an individual GRID-IT! I jumped at the chance. I am just sorry I will have to send it back now that my review is over! After Jason purchased one and reviewed it earlier this year, I wanted to try an individual GRID-IT! out for myself.
They sent me a pink GRID-IT! measuring at 10.25″ x 5.125″, retailing for $14.99. This organizer is a lot smaller than the one in the bag I originally reviewed. It doesn’t hold quite as much as that one did, but it is actually more useful to me because it’s not attached to a bag. I understand that the new bags mostly feature removable GRID-IT!s, which is very smart. Sometimes you just want to use the organizer alone, or in a different bag. I was able to move my review GRID-IT! from my work bag to my purse in one step, which is a huge boon for me. Things that make it easier to change from bag to bag ALWAYS get high marks in my book.
I mainly used the GRID-IT! to secure my portable hard drive from jostling around too much…it was the perfect size to hold the drive and its cord, along with things like my earbuds, other cords (like the cable for my Nook), and even my iPhone. You can see here that it is holding the phone, the drive, earbuds and cables.
Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT! Organizer Review
I have had a couple of hard drives go out on me before from being moved around too much in a bag, and since I’ve been using mine a lot on the go I really wanted a storage solution that would give me some peace of mind. The GRID-IT! worked perfectly to not only keep my bag organized, but also to protect my precious gadget (and all the data it holds).
Another thing I really liked was the addition of the zippered pocket on the back of the GRID-IT!, which expands slightly and is roomy enough for headphones, change, IDs, business cards–just about anything really! I kept a pen and a few business cards in mine for use at a few meetings I carried it to.
Cocoon Innovations GRID-IT! Organizer Review
I really wanted to review one of the larger GRID-IT! organizers, which I think would be perfect in my large work tote, but I might just have to get myself one as a present since I love the smaller one so much! I just wish the larger GRID-IT! organizers came in the fun colors that the smaller ones do. I mentioned that I was sent a pink one for review, which actually looked more lavender to me. The size organizer I was sent also comes in black, gray and red. The sizes range from the smaller, longer GRID-IT! I reviewed to a large 15″ x 11″ luggage accessory, which is very tempting to get for travel!  Overall, I was really happy with the GRID-IT! personal organizer and look forward to ordering one of my own.
The GRID-IT! organizer starts at $9.99 and is available at
What I Like: Ease of use, convenience and portability, the way it secures items and organizes them from being lost in my bag.
What Needs Improvement: More colors and sizes! Then I could get one to match almost every bag I own. 🙂

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