Kobo Adds “Outside Book Loading” to Their iOS Apps

Kobo Adds "Outside Book Loading" to Their iOS Apps

Kobo has an interesting new feature for iOS users; now you can add non-DRM’d ePUB and PDF files to the Kobo app on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. You can do the same thing through Stanza, so it’s not the feature set itself per se…it’s that Kobo is the first mainstream bookstore to support this feature!

If you read your books on an ebook reader, you can load any supported files onto your device. Kobo Readers can load DRM-free ePUBs, as can Sony Readers, B&N Nooks, Jetbook lites, etc. But unless you’re going through Amazon’s Whispersync conversion it’s nearly impossible to load your own books into your ebook app of choice on a smartphone.

Whether it’s a coincidence or part of the competitive nature of ebooks, it seems like when one major store implements something everyone else follows. Kobo started their Reader at $149, and then B&N and Amazon jumped into the fray. Amazon debuted Whispersync, and now Kobo and B&N offer similar versions for their own stores. Hopefully, this new Kobo feature will trigger other stores to do the same! And in the meantime, if you like to keep all your books in one organized spot AND you want access to a commercial bookstore, the Kobo app is calling your name!

Here’s the full info from Kobo’s blog post:

Add Content From Other eBook Services To Your Kobo Library!

By Neil on August 26, 2010

Great news for all of you that have the Kobo eReading app on your iPhone or iPad – you can now bring in books from other eBook services to your Kobo library! And, for those of you that have an iPhone or iPad and haven’t downloaded the Kobo app, here is just one more reason why you should.

What does this mean you ask? We now support the ability to add ePub or PDF books* to your iPhone**, iPad and iPod touch applications. You can add books from other sources such as Project Gutenberg and Feedbooks directly to your bookshelf where they will appear alongside your existing Kobo library. This is another enhancement to enable you to read and enjoy your books using the Kobo service, wherever and however you choose to get them. No need to be confined by the Kobo app and bookstore; Kobo stands behind its promise of open standards letting you explore eReading from many sources. The Kobo app is easy to use and clearly displays your bookshelf so that you can bring in PDFs and ePub files from any source and keep your library organized in one location on your device. Plus, you can customize your reading experience with adjustable font sizes and styles, book mark styles, shelf views and more. The applications also include other great features such as automatic bookmarking, the ability to have multiple bookmarks and night reading – so when you can’t put that great read down you won’t keep your loved one up.

* ePubs and PDFs added to Kobo must not be encrypted (non DRM)

** Requires iOS 3.2 and high

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  1. I’d like the various booksellers to go even farther, and offer conversion paths from other formats. For example, it would sure be nice to be able to load my eReader PDB books into the B&N eReader software. Sigh.

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