iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope


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iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope Listen to this article

iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope

I’ve made no secret about how much I love the look of natural, undyed, full grain leather, and now Aligata has introduced yet another iPad accessory to satisfy my craving. With no velcro, clips or snaps, the Aligata Nude Beauty iPad Leather Envelope is simplicity defined. This case is nothing but gorgeous raw leather — and just because I love the look — contrasting yellow stitching.

When natural leather is left untreated and undyed like the Nude Beauty cases from Aligata (and the Black Espresso and Nippon leathers, for that matter), they will show every nick, stain, mark, scar or water drop that occurs; unlike any dyed leather, the Natural Beauty will also reward the owner with a color show as it goes from a nearly white raw state, to a golden honey patina and eventually to an incredibly rich brown.

As long as you understand the properties of natural, untreated leather, you’ll know that this is a sleeve which can only grow more beautiful over years of use. Of course, if the idea of natural leather scares you, Aligata also offers Dark Chocolate and Perfect Black, color choices which won’t show the entire history of the hide. But this review is about the Nude Beauty, and here she is in all of her glory …

iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope

The inside of the envelope is soft and protective raw suede …

iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope

The sleeve measures approximately 8.5″ tall x 10.75″ wide, and it is perfectly sized to accept the iPad, with or without a Clear Coat installed. It will not be large enough to accept the iPad with any other case or shell installed, and you shouldn’t try it because it will (at best) stretch the case or (at worst) could possibly rip it. When you first start using this leather envelope, the fit will be quite snug; over time the fit will loosen, and there is a 1″ silicone round which can be inserted inside the sleeve to create extra friction when it is needed.

iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope

The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope has no logos on it whatsoever, so other than the color changes the leather will undergo, the stitching is truly the focus. The Nude Beauty comes with white stitching, but you can now get custom color stitching from Aligata in brown, green, orange, yellow, red, blue or black for a small additional charge. If you (or a friend) are looking for a gorgeous case to try leather tooling or stamping upon, this would be perfect!

This sleeve will protect the iPad from bumps, dings and scratches when the iPad is inside, but of course removing the iPad will mean that it’s fully exposed; my suggestion would be to install a good screen protector and perhaps a decorative (and protective) adhesive skin on the back … and then call it good.

iPad Accessory Review: The Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope

If you love the story that natural leather has to tell, if you like watching natural leather change as it grows more beautiful with age, and if you like carrying your iPad in a protective case — but when using the iPad you prefer full and unfettered access — then the Aligata Nude Beauty Leather Envelope may be your perfect solution. It is beautiful, protective, and reasonably  priced.

The Aligata Nude Beauty iPad Leather Envelope is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $59.90; you can choose a custom color stitching for an additional $7.90

What I Like: Gorgeous undyed natural leather that will only grow more beautiful over the years; great protection when carrying the iPad; no magnets, velcro or other closure systems; no logos; custom stitching colors available; would be great for custom leather tooling or stamping

What Needs Improvement: You should probably still install a screen protector, since the iPad will be completely unprotected when removed from the envelope

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