Mophie’s Powerstation AC Is the Last Battery Pack You’ll Ever Need

Mophie’s Powerstation AC Is the Last Battery Pack You’ll Ever Need

Mophie has become a leader in designing truly high quality and innovative battery packs, but until now they’ve never come out with one that could charge your laptop on the go. The new Powerstation AC has been designed to fully charge a MacBook, as well as an assortment of other devices.

Packing in a huge 22,000 mAh capacity and a dedicated 100W AC Port, this is the single battery pack that will keep you going through long flights and long days away from a dedicated power source.

The body of the Powerstation AC is wrapped in a durable fabric. This is a nice design touch that enables you to not worry about the battery pack getting scuffed up in your bag. We wholeheartedly prefer this design over using a carrying case. It also makes it easier to find the Powerstation AC when you’re digging around in your bag. A convenient LED Power Indicator button is used to check charging status and battery levels.

In addition to the dedicated AC port, the Powerstation AC houses a USB-A port and a USB-C port. The lack of a second USB-A port is a bit disappointing, but we love that the Powerstation AC actually has a dedicated USB-C port to compensate. Since so many devices are now using USB-C, a USB-C port is a welcome addition which is otherwise pretty rare to find on a battery pack.

The inclusion of Priority+ charging allows you to use the Powerstation AC to charge another device while it’s charging up itself. This is super convenient when traveling since it lets you charge another device simultaneously while the Powerstation AC itself is charging. But what really impressed us is that the Powerstation AC itself only took about 2.5 hours to charge itself up fully, and that’s a lot faster than what you’ll typically find from the competition, which usually takes all night long to charge up.

The 100W output means that the Powerstation AC should have no issue charging most laptops. When plugged into the dedicated USB-C port, it charged up my 2016 12” MacBook from 0 to 100% in just about 2 hours. When it came to charging my iPhone X, the Mophie Powerstation AC charged up the iPhone X from 0 to 100% in about 2 hours, which is on par with a typical Apple wall charger.

Final Thoughts

Mophie’s Powerstation AC is well designed and chock full of safety features. It also provides ample power and fast charging on the go – for just about all of your devices. However for $199, the Powerstation AC is a bit pricey, but there’s no company I’d trust more with charging my laptop on the go than Mophie. Fortunately, the Powerstation is available for as low as $125 on Amazon (versus the $199.95 retail price), and that’s a really good deal.

All in all, if you’re someone who is on the go a lot with your laptop and often don’t have access to a power outlet, the Mophie Powerstation AC is a no-brainer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Powerful enough to charge just about everything – including laptops; Offers fast charging for most devices; Charges up itself quite fast; Priority+ Charging; Doesn’t really need a case; Dedicated USB-C port; Built-in safety features

What Needs Improvement: The fan noise is a bit loud when the AC outlet is plugged in; Only a single USB-A port

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