A Smartphone User’s Worst Nightmare…

A Smartphone User's Worst Nightmare...
(image courtesy Foxnomad)

Warning: The image in this post may be very disturbing for iPhone owners everywhere. It’s a nightmare for any smartphone user, really. The devices are so powerful, yet so, so fragile…

A Smartphone User's Worst Nightmare...

This is my coworker’s iPhone. I don’t know all the details, except that he dropped it while it was out of its bumper case. While neither of us are physicists, we theorized that had it had the bumper on it, the damage might have been less severe (or nonexistent). Luckily for him, the camera still works so he won’t need to run out and replace the phone ASAP. It is still pretty disturbing how easily the back shattered though!

It seems like a good time to remind everyone the iPhone case program ends on September 30th. If you own an iPhone 4 and didn’t take advantage of your free case offer yet, do it now! Before you drop your iPhone! And be sure to check out Gear Diary’s reviews and announcements about the many, many protective options you have to keep your phone safe!

Have you heard any stories of people shattering the backs of their iPhones during drops? Does it not use the same gorilla glass as the front? Share your experiences below!

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  1. Note that to take advantage of the free case program, you need to order within 30 days of the iPhone 4 purchase date. I didn’t know about this, and ended up trying to order the case a couple days after the deadline. I bought my iPhone on the first day.

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