Random Cool Stuff: Too Many Cats? Here Are a Few Ways To Organize Them!

This summer my wife’s sister moved from New Jersey to Texas because her husband works for Exxon-Mobil, and in the process what started as ‘babysitting’ her 3 cats turned into getting them dumped on us permanently! So on top of our two terriers, without own cat we suddenly had a minor herd of kittehs!

Here is one we actually just got rid of when our nephew returned from China and wanted the cat back with him at college:

And yes, he is rather large – he’s actually bigger than either of our dogs!

They can get out of hand at times – fortunately now there are some interesting ways to organize your cats thanks to the Daily Tail!

And with their link pickup, Buzzfeed added some stuff, such as the ‘portents of doom’ at the top … and this gem!

My late father-in-law was an avowed cat hater who thought cats should always be tossed over a clothesline … though I don’t believe this is what he was thinking of …

So … what is YOUR favorite way to store cats?

Source: Daily Tail via Buzzfeed

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  1. You don’t *toss them over* clotheslines; you carefully *pin them to* clotheslines. Jeez!

    • Yeah – he thought cats belonged in pairs … that way you tie the tails together and toss them over the clothes line and let them tear each other to shreds …

      Of course, the best thing is that cats always find people like that and track them down and make them the target of affection!

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