Kindle Case Review- Waterfield’s Suede Jacket and Kindle Slip Case


I love Amazon’s new commercial for the Kindle 3. It’s funny, a bit on the harsh side, and absolutely true. The iPad is an amazing device and it has taken over so much of what I normally do. Unfortunately when you’re outside in the sun it’s all but useless. It’s hard to read and it overheats relatively quickly in direct sunlight. So if you live in a dark cold climate you have no problems. If you live anywhere on the planet Earth however you will encounter issues relatively quickly. Since I enjoy beach vacations it quickly became clear to me that the iPad wasn’t going to be the right solution for me the next time we head south.

So when Amazon announced the new Kindle and that the Wi-Fi version was going to be under $140 I quickly jumped and got one. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending upon your perspective) the new Kindle is smaller than the prior version. That means you need a new case for this device. Once I got the Kindle in my hands however I realized that I don’t really want to use it with the case all the time the way I do with my iPad. No, there is something nice about the small size and light weight of the new Kindle that it makes sense to just hold the Kindle itself when you’re reading. That means a slip case is probably the right case for me to use and fortunately Waterfield has some great options.

They sent two of their Kindle three suitcases for me to review–the Slip Vertical and the Suede Jacket. Both of the slipcovers are what I’ve come to expect from Waterfield. They made from high-quality material, are well constructed and offer a simple yet elegant way to protect your device.

Here’s a look at both.

The Suede Jacket


From Waterfield-

Kindle™ Suede Jacket- It doesn’t get any thinner than this! The Kindle Suede Jacket helps prevent scratches and dings on your Kindle and the custom-sizing plus stretch memory of the Ultrasuede® insures a snug fit. This elegant, low-profile sleeve slips easily into a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack and helps protect your Kindle from the minor bumps and bruises of daily use. You can even use it to keep clean your shiny new screen.


The Suede Jacket is familiar if you’ve used any of Waterfield’s simple suede slipcovers before. I have one for my MacBook and one for my iPad and this follows the same design. It’s thin and light with a nice soft touch.


The only design feature on the Suede Jacket is a tab on the bottom that useful for removing the Kindle quickly. The Kindle slips inside the Suede Jacket with ease. The Suede Jacket did come with a warning that it might be type the first few times you use it but I didn’t encounter that at all. The Kindle slips inside and stays snugly secure in it until the time comes to remove it.


When you do want to remove it you simply grab the top of the Kindle with one hand and the tab on the bottom of the Suede Jacket with the other. With a soft pull the device comes out.


The Suede Jacket is a great choice if you want the latest simplest way to keep your Kindle from getting scratched. It doesn’t offer any screen protection or significant bump protection if you throw it in the bag so if you’re using this slipcover you still want to be careful with your reading device. That noted, however, it’s a great way to protect your device when you’re on the go.


You can even add a pocket for accessories.

The Suede Jacket is available directly from Waterfield.

MSRP: $14 ($19 with pocket)

What I Like: simple soft protection; easy to get the device in and out of

What Needs Improvement: doesn’t offer any significant screen protection for a relatively delicate device

The Kindle Slip Case


From Waterfield-

Kindle™ Slip Case- Just Slip it in. Just slip your Kindle into the thin, protective Slip Case. Light internal padding with screen-protecting, impact-resistant plastic keeps your gadget safe and sound. The water-proof outer material helps add protection against spills and other accidental mishaps. Slide your Kindle in and use the handy tab at the bottom to help you ease it back out when you need it. A choice of five vibrant colors makes your case easy to find amidst the detritus of your bag contents. Sleek, simple, protection. We’ve got you covered.


Waterfield’s Slip Vertical and is quite similar to the Suede Jacket although it offers far more protection. It is a simple cloth tube into which the Kindle slides with these. It has a nice feel on the outside and a smooth felt lining to protect the Kindle when it is inside.


It also has a tab on the bottom for removing the Kindle in a similar manner to that described with regard to the Suede Jacket. What makes this a better choice for anyone who’s going to be taking their Kindle on the go than is that one side of the Slip Vertical has a harder layer sewn into the material.


While this won’t protect the Kindle from being crushed it does offer significant protection to the Kindle’s delicate screen. It’s worth noting that this protective layer is only on one side of the slipcase so you should be careful when inserting the Kindle to make sure you take advantage of it.


The Kindle Slip Case is available directly from Waterfield.

MSRP: $27

What I Like: Simple but significant protection; made from high-quality nice looking and feeling material; tab on the bottom it makes it easy to remove the Kindle from it; protective layer for the Kindle’s screen makes it a great choice for anyone who’s taking the candle on the go

What Needs Improvement: For my needs, nothing, this is the slipcase that I will likely be using for the foreseeable future

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