Random Cool Stuff: ABC’s for Baby Gamers!

Random Cool Stuff: ABC's for Baby Gamers!

How young is too young to start indoctrinating your children in the ways of the gamer? NEVER too young! So instead of reading ‘Chicka Chicka ABC’ or ‘Goodnight Moon’ to your toddler, tuck them in with the ‘Gamer’s Alphabet’!

Anyway, ElJeffe at the Penny-Arcade forums talked about his book and how he created it:

Okay, here’s the Gamer’s Alphabet. First, this is roughly how I made it. Instead of using adhesive paper, I used plain, sturdy printer paper and spray-on glue, because I couldn’t find any adhesive paper that didn’t suck for printing. Also, the instructions make it sound like you should put the laminating sheets on after you make the book, which would be retarded. I stuck them on the pages before I affixed them to the cardboard, and which meant I only had to trim once.

The thread at Penny-Arcade has the entire book shot one page at a time. Check it out!

Note: This is an ‘oldie-but-goodie’ – I recalled seeing it a few years back … and I was correct: the post was from 2007 and was re-found today and linked on Buzzfeed for some reason.

Source: Penny-Arcade via Buzzfeed

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