Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

I remember a day when listening to music meant a stereo was in the room with you. Since today out music is completely mobile, the old fashion stereo unit is almost extinct. I find myself listening to a computer or my iPhone. I have learned that a nice pair of powered speakers is all that is needed to listen to music or even watch streaming television and movies.   I actually prefer powered computer speakers around the house to iPhone dock stereos. I recently received the Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0 to try with my computer as well as around the house with my iPhone. Read on to see how they performed.

Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

The first thing I noticed about the speakers is that they are pretty small. Measuring in at 7.7in high x 9.9in wide x 5in deep, I was cautious to expect much in the way of sound. As you will see when I discuss the sound performance, the Multimedia Speakers 2.0 will not disappoint. The speakers are small, but you will notice a nice weight and heft to them that give them a quality feel. As you can see, the speakers are white plastic with orange highlights. Their design is sleek and attractive. I currently have them in my bathroom where they replaced an ugly potable stereo. My wife immediately proclaimed how great they looked. See, I can do some things right!

Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

The speakers sport two 2″ satellite speaker drivers in each channel with 10w of music power.  The main unit contains an analogue volume knob as well as an accessory output jack.  Sound input is through a standard stereo cable so using any device using 3.5mm stereo output is possible.  Like I said earlier, I have come to rely on speakers like this to listen to many different devices.  The Multimedia 2.0 are powered via standard wall outlet.  The best part of this is that the plug is a standard size.  No more using two plugs for one due to the size of the power converter.  All of the wires are fixed so no need to worry about disconnecting or losing part of the set.

Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

The 10w output from the speakers will provide plenty of power for music, movies, games and podcasts.  The bottom of the speakers have a soft rubbery material which not only let the speakers rest easy and stay in place, but also act as a bass radiator.  Utilizing the bass radiators allows the speakers to stay small while still providing ample bass.  More bass with less space is a great idea.  This is still a 2.0 system so do not expect the same bass response as you would get with a sub-woofer system.  As you will read when I discuss the sound, the sound is still fantastic. The main power unit uses the area of the bass radiator to double to hold the cords and wires allowing the user to vary the length of them.  This will be great to help keep your desktop tidy and attractive.

Review: Philips Multimedia Speakers 2.0. Cute But Party Hard!

So how do these things sound?  I have to admit that I was surprised and pleased with the sound the Philips Multimedia 2.0 speakers provide.  You must first remember the function of compact 2.0 speakers and compare the sound to similar products.  Using 10w to push the dual drivers seems to be the perfect amount of power.  The speakers have a great push while maintaining clarity and sound quality.  So many times I try small speakers that can get loud, but also distort beyond a level to listen.  While using them with my iPhone, MacBook Pro and iPad, I had no problems with distortion and was able to experience high quality, room filling sound.  Music sounded great with crisp highs, smooth mid ranges and enough bass to balance the sound.  The bass is not booming, but there is just enough to make the sound clear and full.  The Gear Chat podcast sounded fantastic as many other podcasts that I have listened to every morning.  Clarity of voices is important and these speakers will not disappoint.  Basically, the Philips Multimedia 2.0 speakers will work well for any device and media you plan to listen to.

If you are in the market for a smaller set of 2.0 speakers, the Multimedia 2.0 set will provide an attractive and great sounding solution.  I have been using the pair Philips provided me every morning for a while and they have a permanent spot where they are.  My combination of music, podcasts and television shows sound awesome as well as using a variety of devices.  To find more images and specs visit the Philips website here.

Philips Multimedia 2.0 Speakers

MSRP: $29.99 found at Amazon

What I like: Attractive design coupled with clear, powerful sound in a small package.

What could be improved: I would like the option of having them powered via USB port.

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