Review: Splash ID for iPad

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Review:  Splash ID for iPad

Think about how much information we use on the internet that cannot be avoided, but could be devastating if it landed into the hands of a hacker.  I know I have many log ins and passwords that I keep track of.  Some of these are to sites that allow for automatic purchasing or may even contain valuable financial information.  Then there are bank and credit card accounts and other important information.  With all of these different pieces of information, it is hard to keep up with and even harder to keep safe.  Consider Splash ID a safe for all of this information right on your iPad.  Now all of these accounts and passwords can be stored in one place while also providing protection from prying eyes.

Review:  Splash ID for iPad

Opening the application always requires entering through a secure method.  Users can choose from password, numeric or pattern security codes or a combination of the three.  I prefer to use the pattern to sign in.  To me, it seems more difficult to guess while being quick and easy to open.  Whatever method you decide on, remember to use the same care used in all choices of security measures.

Review:  Splash ID for iPad

Once inside the app, an alphabetical list of information is available.  To view or edit any of the information, simply tap on it to open in a separate window to the right.  From that window, the information can be edited, duplicated and sent as an email or to another device.  To make finding what you are looking for simple, each entry can be filed under categories and types.  These are sortable from the homepage at the top of the page.  To add a new entry, tap the plus button at the very top right of the screen.  There are nine fields to add information which should be plenty for any information you need to store.  Around 60 icons are available to assign to entries. If those are not enough, you can add any picture from your library and even purchase more as an in-app purchase.  The purchased icons will give a large number of company icons to use for accounts with banks and websites.  There are two sets available and each will cost an extra $.99.

Review:  Splash ID for iPad

Once the entries are filled out and saved, I like that a simple click of the url will open a browser and allow you to view the website.  For example, if I click while in my Amazon account entry, I can actually shop the website and purchase items, all the while staying logged in.  The app will also sync with a desktop companion solution.  The companion application works really well and is a great idea to help provide both another method to add and view information but also a backup of your precious information.

Review:  Splash ID for iPad

I found Splash ID to be a well executed application that does exactly what it advertises.  If you have a lot of information for log ins and accounts and need to store them in a safe place, this app is a perfect solution.  Think of it as creating index cards with all of your information and storing it in a small safe in your house.  The best part is now this information is available to you while on the go.  Splash ID is available here in the app store for $9.99.  Go check it out and start saving all of your account information with peace of mind.

What I like: Saving information safely in one spot.  I like the alphabetical listing of all entries for easy retrieval.

What could be improved: The $10 price tag is pretty steep for what is essentially an index of information kept safe by a password.

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