Random Cool Video: Miles Davis & John Lennon Playing Basketball

Random Cool Video: Miles Davis & John Lennon Playing Basketball

Is there really much else to say? You have two of the most important musical figures of the 20th century, together shooting hoops at a birthday party, and it was caught on film. From the MilesDavisOnline site notes:

There’s this most excellent footage floating around the ‘net of a John Lennon / Yoko Ono party from 1972 that features Andy Warhol, Phil Spector and Miles Davis. The 16mm color film was shot by filmmaker Jonas Mekas (the date was specifically October 9, 1972).

Great. Party footage. Looks like they had fun. Good for them. But what makes this unearthed party film so extra special is that it features Miles Davis and John Lennon shooting hoops.

Miles shows up around the 3:00 minute mark (with a very attractive female companion). The quick game of shoot-around starts around 5:00.

It’s so surreal, yet completely awesome. This is why YouTube is amazing. I just watched John Lennon and Miles Davis shooting hoops together.

The visual style is jarring to say the least, which makes it hard to watch at times, but watching Andy Warhol sitting around snapping Polaroids or Miles and Lennon shooting baskets is really worth enduring the video! Check it out!

Source: MilesDavisOnline via AllAboutJazz

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