Is THIS The Droid App You Are Looking For? Verizon Brings Empire Strikes Back to Android!

Is THIS The Droid App You Are Looking For? Verizon Brings Empire Strikes Back to Android!

Of course, not the whole movie … nor the classic arcade game … but some ‘other stuff’ for a questionable value of $2.99. But for the Star Wars fan with an Android device from Verizon, this might just fit your needs for more cool TESB stuff during the 30th anniversary year.

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Looks like the rumor was correct, but with a slight delay. Originally slated to launch on October 4th, the Verizon Empire Strikes Back Android app ended up launching a day late on the 5th. While the app itself is free, the full range of content can be purchased for $2.99 (the charge will be on your Verizon bill, not processed through the Android Market itself). Curious as to what content is included in the app? gives us the lowdown:

“- There are 4 sections based off of scenes from the movie Empire Strikes Back which include a live wallpaper, movie clip, photo gallery, soundboard, and widgets.

– There is a Bounty Hunter scavenger hunt built in.

– A Star Wars news feed.

– A trivia challenge.”

Looking on the MarketPlace, it appears that it is designed for the Droid 2, Droid R2D2 and Droid X. You get one wallpaper for free, but for anything else mentioned above costs $2.99. At least you get the chance to check it out rather than just making a blind purchase!

Trying it out on my original Droid, it did install and run, but performance just browsing the images of the few worlds was awful. If you have one of the devices listed, give it a try – it might prove worth your while!

Source: details from via Droid-Life

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