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June 28, 2013 • Gear Bits

Evernote Turns Five- When Did You Subscribe?

Evernote Turns Five-

Evernote is five years old and its growth sees no time of slowing any time soon. The company’s iOS app was one of my most important productivity apps early on. And, since then, Evernote’s various apps have become increasingly powerful. (I love capturing handwritten pages with the new Page Camera!) The other day they sent out emails to all Evernote subscribers thanking them for their support and indicating what number subscriber each was. Here’s the text of Mike’s email and his number.

Evernote Turns Five

Yes, there are 65 million Evernote users and Mike is below 100,000. Not bad! Judie, however has been using Evernote a bit longer than Mike. Her number?

Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 6 58 04 AM

Yes, she’s been using Evernote since almost the beginning. There are, however, some of us who have been using Evernote since before the beginning. You see, I was one of the service’s Beta testers and I signed up within minutes of Evernote being officially launched. As a result my number is…

Screen Shot 2013 06 28 at 6 50 09 AM

I knew I was an early Evernote adopter but I didn’t realize I was THAT early to the game. Then again Evernote was and remains one of my key productivity apps. Did you get an Evernote email? What number subscriber were you?

9 Responses to " Evernote Turns Five- When Did You Subscribe? "

  1. gorkon says:

    I am 262,551. Use it every day.

  2. Damian Bariexca says:

    I never got an email, but according to the website I’ve been a member since 3/29/2008. I too use it every day; it’s an invaluable part of my workflow and personal record keeping.

  3. Doug Miller says:

    I’m 7274.

  4. Vvinit Guptaa says:

    57840. Every time i try to use evernote, i find it so overwhelming, i just dont.

    • dancohen says:

      Vivint- What are you finding overwhelming? Very curious and maybe, just maybe, one of the other Evernote users seeing this will have a few tips and pointers.

      • Vvinit Guptaa says:

        Hey Dan, its just that i have so much paper in my small business, i just dont know where to begin scanning all the docs in evernote. Also i happen to use stock reminder and mots app where i shpuld be using evernote. But just couldnt get started.

  5. Amy Stewart says:

    I am customer number 2,076. It’s indispensable for me. I’ve turned most of my clients onto Evernote as well; it’s part of my standard recommendations for ways to stay organized and store all their information detritus.

    I’ve even gotten my family’s business to go (nearly) paperless with Evernote. We manage customer service issues with one account, AP/AR paperwork through another account, and catalog production through a third account, and created an 8-foot high stack of old papers ready for the shredder. No more filing– hurrah!

  6. Edmund Ng says:

    I wonder if I signed up for Evernote because of you, Dan. I’m 584. But then again, I did use Evernote back when it was a stand-alone Windows app that was a OneNote-a-like, with the weird “river” interface.

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