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So you have an iPad and you love the design, feel and functionality of the Apple Case. The only problem is… you aren’t a huge fan of black. No, your style leans more toward something brighter. You know, you want a case in something like… say… red. Well you are in luck! The Hard Candy Candy Convertible has the feel and function of the Apple Case for iPad but it comes in bright red! (Oh, and it comes in black too!)

Let’s take a look.


From Hard Candy-

The Candy Convertible iPad case combines the practicality of a flip folio with the soft trendiness of faux nubuck. Sophistication, professionalism, style and protection await you in the Candy Convertible iPad case.



Secure-fit folio design iPad case

Flip cover that tucks into the back for two optimal viewing angles

Made of animal-friendly faux-nubuck material


If you are familiar with the Apple Case for the iPad there is really no reason to read this review and you can just jump to the bottom for pricing and a link to get yourself one. I’m not really kidding! The Candy Convertible has the same look, feel and function. It does, however, have the Hard Candy name in a clearly visible location on the front flap. GAH!!!

The case is made from faux nubuck. It has a soft, velvety feel. As with the Apple case you are either going to love how the material feels in your hand or hate it. There is likely going to be no middle ground .

The iPad slips in from the side beneath a flap of material that will keep it safe and secure. The case has a frame design that rings the iPad on all four sides to ensure that, once in place, it isn’t going anywhere.

The extra flap of material folds under the iPad for extra security although, with a fit as tight as this, the iPad wasn’t going anywhere regardless.


The material is so thin, and the amount of material that rings the bezel is so narrow, that it doesn’t get in the way of the touchscreen at all. I like this minimalist approach quite a bit.

On the left side of the case is the flap that protects the iPad’s delicate screen. There isn’t much to say here other than the fact that there is a small pocket for cards. A nice, but unneccessary addition


As you can see, the case doesn;t get in the way at all when you are trying to access the iPad’s screen.


The two sides of the cases’ material that come together to create the iPad “pocket” are joined with a seem. As is the case with Apple’s offering, this makes a bit of an edge all the way around the circumference of the case. It also means that the controls for the iPad, while open and accessible, are a bit more difficult to access than they might otherwise be. It isn’t a huge issue but it is something about which potential buyers will want to be aware.


The dock connector is accessible and there are holes where the iPad’s speak is so the sound is not muffled.

Obviously you are not going to use the Keyboard Dock or Charge Sync Dock with the iPad in this case. That is important to know since this isn’t the type of case you want to use if you are removing your iPad from is protection on a regular basis.


The headphone jack, microphone and sleep/awake button are also accessible.


Like Apple’s offering the Candy Convertible has a tab on the back that allows you to fold the flap back, tuck it under and make a nice angled holder for the iPad. This makes it easy to watch video hands free or type right on the iPad’s screen in landscape. It is a simple, but effective, design.


Here’s the view from the back. As you can see, the flap of material folds under the iPad and ensures it is not coming out until you want it to.


You can also see that there is just one angle the iPad can be held at but that is probably the best angle if it is not going to be adjustable. With that one angle, however, there are two ways to position the case. One works for typing, the other works for watching.

The bottom line of the case is this- if you like Apple’s case but want red instead of black you now have an option. If you like Apple’s case, want it in black but don’t want to buy it from Apple you now have an option. If you want an interior pocket for a card or two this case gives you that option. It is thin and light, gets the job done and does so without getting in the way too much.

The Hard Candy Candy Convertible Faux Nubuck Flip Folio iPad Case is available directly from Hard Candy’s web site.

MSRP: $44.95

What I Like: Minimalist design; offers good screen protection; has built-in “stand”; iPad is held securely inside; all posts and buttons accessible; clear copy of Apple’s case but comes in red as well as black

What Needs Improvement: I’m not a huge fan of the faux nubuck material; posts and buttons a bit difficult to access since they are recessed when in the case; tight fit means it is not as easy to insert and remove the iPad quickly; clear and total copy of Apple’s case

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