InvisibleShield’s Glass+ VisionGuard for Apple’s iPad Pro Protects Your Eyes

You’d truly be surprised the amount of time we spend looking at our devices. The longer we do, the effects of overexposure to the blue light can become a problem, and luckily today, InvisibleShield’s here’s to help us out.

The Glass+ VisionGuard is InvisibleShield’s new screen protector for the latest 11″ and 12.9″ iPads, as well as the previous 9.7″ iPad. The sole intention of the new glass screen protector is to protect your eyes from HEV blue light that emits from your tablet, courtesy of a protective Eyesafe technology layer. Not only that, but the glass has top-notch precision surface finishing that protects against scratches and oil-resistance so smudges and fingerprints won’t accumulate. Nominated for a CES 2019 Innovation Award, you can find out more here.

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