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October 13, 2010 • Reviews

Review: 6X Telescope with Crystal Case for iPhone 4


The addition of zoom functionality to the iPhone’s camera was welcomed when it was finally released. Although it’s now possible to zoom in on your subject when shooting pictures with the iPhone’s camera the distance you can close is somewhat limited. This 6X telescope with case for the iPhone 4 from solves that problem big time. With a 6 times zoom you’ll be able to shoot subjects that you can barely see with your naked eye.  It’s literally like sticking a pair of binoculars on the end of your iPhone.

Inside the box you’ll find the case, lens, cleaning cloth and a neck strap to carry the lens on.


The case itself is a simple clear snap-on-back-cover style case. The only noticeable difference between it and other cases like it is the bracket on the back which has been added at the camera cutout. This is where the lens is held.


The case fits the iPhone 4 perfectly and has all the cutouts you’d expect with an iPhone 4 case.


When it comes time to capture an image from afar you simply slide the lens onto it’s bracket where it’s securely held. This is where the neck strap comes in handy. You’re not going to want to carry your iPhone 4 in this case with the lens on all the time. Having the neck strap means you can keep the lens off, but at arms reach, ready for when you need it.



To test the lens I took a series of three images at various locations in my neighborhood. I first took a picture with the iPhone 4 alone. Then I used the zoom function on the iPhone 4 and took another. Finally I added the telescope lens, kept the zoom all the way out and took a third. The difference is quite apparent. With the telescope lens on I was able to capture images of subjects I could barely make out with my eyes.

Nothing has been cropped in the images below. Each image is exactly the same size and was shot in the same location (for each series.)










While you’ll obviously notice some loss in image quality when using the lens it doesn’t seem to be any greater then when using the iPhone’s built in zoom function and this lens allows for such a great amount of distance. Take note of the last three images and notice how you can actually read the numbers on the mailbox on the last picture, where in the first two there are not recognizable.

If you plan to be at a sporting event, concert, or doing any activity when you know what your viewing will be far away and you plan on relying on your iPhone 4 for capturing the moment this accessory is one you’ll want to take a look at. Priced under $20 it’s a easy and inexpensive way to pump up your iPhone 4’s camera.

The 6X Telescope with Crystal Case for the iPhone 4 is available directly from the USBfever web site here.

MSRP – $18.99

What I like – Allows for an incredible amount of zoom, inexpensive.

What Needs Improvement – Hard to keep steady.

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    Review: 6X Telescope with Crystal Case for iPhone 4 #iphone

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    found a nice little gadget for my iPhone 4, it's available in China.

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