Review: StarXscape Lite

Review: StarXscape Lite

Gaming is starting to come to the Android platform in earnest as representative of the amount of downloads of the recently released Angry Birds.  Games are really starting to hit Android en-mass.  Just before Angry Birds came out, MHill System let us know about an interesting game for Android called StarXscape.

Review: StarXscape Lite

Your mission in StarXscape , if you choose to accept it, is to free the stars that are held captive by the evil Octramon.  You along with your faithful sidekick Krudo will travel galaxy by galaxy freeing the stars held in octacages.  What does that mean as far as game play?  Not as much as I thought initially, but it’s still fun.

StarXscape’s gameplay works when Krudo puts a group of three colored balls or cages in the field of play.  You try to line up the colors to form three or more cages in a line.  When you do this, the “field” destabilizes and the octacages  open up.  To line up the cages, you tap left and right as well as the middle arrow which changes the color order.  Once you have it where you want it,you can sweep a finger down the right or left sides and it will seed down into place.   As the game progresses, you build up layer upon lay whenever you don’t make them disappear.  Go to far up and you will lose.

You don’t have to just stack cages.  There are good cages to help move you along.  They by moving the grey blocks, exploding blue bombs or a number of other power ups.  Bad cages will turn cages to stone, lay down a whole row of stones or a host of other bad things.  These make the game more challenging and more fun to play.

The graphics look ok, but not great.  I also don’t get the combination of  stars, cages and then there’s Krudo the dog.  The animations are cute, but I just don’t get a cohesive feel with the whole theme of the game.  The game, however is pretty fun and a nice way to waste time between Angry Birds sessions! 😀

There is a free StarXscape Lite and the full game is only $1.95.  It may be worth a shot!

Review: StarXscape LiteLite Version – Free

Review: StarXscape LiteFull Version – $1.95

What I liked: Takes up no space.  Kind of fun.

What I didn’t like: Subpar graphics.  Android is capable of more.  While graphics isn’t everything, I think that these could use a bit of a bump up.

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