iPad App Review: Mickey’s Spooky Night Arrives Just In Time For Halloween

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Just in time for the upcoming Halloween holiday the folks at Disney Publishing have released their newest read-along story for the iPad.  Mickey’s Spooky Night features a Halloween themed story along with interactive jigsaw puzzles and games too.  The plot of the story surrounds Mickey and his friends as they all get together for a Halloween party, but Mickey and the gang aren’t the only guests at this party — some ghosts have decided they want to join the fun, too.

As the story gets read along, you and your child are also tasked with finding the hidden ghosts as the appear on the screen.  When you find one in the story you tap it and it springs to life.

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Interwoven throughout the story pages are jigsaw puzzles that come to life as you click on them.  Once the narrator has finished reading the page, your child can turn the finished page into an interactive puzzle.

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The pieces appear along the right side of the screen and using a finger you slide them back into place.  The book assists you in moving them into the proper place, which made it easy enough for my five year old to complete.

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At the end of the story there’s also a ghost matching game where you are asked to match the ghostly shapes to their corresponding shadows.

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The book features a few settings such as the ability to turn off the narration and auto page turning.  As with other Disney Books, you can also choose to record your own voice and become the narrator yourself.

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My family and I have tried out all of the Disney Books for the iPad, and none of them have disappointed.  Each features the characters your child knows and loves.  The Mickey’s Spooky Night app is perfect for the upcoming Halloween season.  It’s a quick read, and the games/activities are easy enough for even the smallest member of your family to enjoy.

You can grab a copy of Mickey’s Spooky Night in the iTunes App Store here.  (Link opens iTunes.)

MSRP: 99¢

What I liked: Great for all ages, quick read

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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