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December 3, 2013 • Gear Bits

Battle Command Brings Multiplayer Combat Strategy to iOS and Android

Battle Command

Spacetime Games is on a roll, releasing multiplayer games for iOS and Android across genres that are free to try and a blast to play. The latest of these games is Battle Command. It uses a standard build, battle, enhance format, followed by upgrades and so on. And while it is familiar – it is a blast to play!

You’ll build and battle with an awesome lineup of offensive and defensive units:

• Imposing ground forces –grenadiers, commandos, spies and more
• Powerful vehicles – assault bikes, jeeps, tanks and more
• Awe-inspiring aircraft – drones, choppers, air strikes and more
• Terrifying defensive structures – gun turrets, mortars, missiles and more

I have been playing off and on for the past couple of weeks and have found it to be fun to play without having spent any real money. Buying in-app currency will make things speed up and allow you more flexibility, but you are never forced to make a purchase.

If you enjoy games like Spacetime’s earlier ‘Battle Dragons’ or ‘Clash of Clans’ or are just a fan of strategy combat games, definitely check this out!

Check out the trailer:

Get more info on the Battle Command website
Battle Command for Android on Google Play
Battle Command for iOS on iTunes

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