Review: JAVOedge Charcoal Flip Style Case for Amazon Kindle 3rd Generation


I’m a big fan of the Amazon Kindle 3. It’s become a permanent fixture on my bedside table and I use it almost religiously each night before bed. Amazon’s current version of their e-reader is slim and small. So much so that I think a case actually compliments it. Like the iPod Touch I sometimes find when devices are too slim they become hard to use. While I haven’t tested a ton of Kindle 3 cases I have been using JAVOedge‘s newest offering over the last two weeks and have been quite pleased with the result.

The Charcoal Flip Style Case comes in two color variations, Stone and Dusk. It features a inner sleeve that’s lined with a suede-like material and includes a pocket for documents and one for business cards.


The Kindle gets loaded into the case from the top and rests inside a leather looking cradle. Once seated the Kindle fits quite tight. You needn’t worry about it coming out and you’ll still have access to all of the Kindle’s ports and buttons.


This case also features a kick-stand built into the back. If you get tired of holding your Kindle while reading simply unsnap the stand and prop it up. The Kindle gets placed into an optimal viewing angle for reading.



What I really like about this case is the level of comfort it offers. It almost feels as though I’m holding a fluffy pillow because of the soft padding that’s tucked hidden under the front and rear panels. When reading for lengthy sessions this was a welcomed addition that my hands appreciated.  If you’re looking for a case for your Kindle 3 that’s not like all those plain-jane black leather folios out there take a look at what JAVOedge has to offer.

The Charcoal Flip Style case for the Kindle 3 is available in the Stone color here and the Dusk Color here.

MSRP: $32.95

What I liked: Slim, great padding, kick-stand.

What Needs Improvement: No way to secure top closed.

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