Release: i-tab Portable Guitar Tab Player Updated

Release: i-tab Portable Guitar Tab Player Updated

Technology has been wonderful for musicians, especially guitarists.  I know purists think using guitar tableture is cheating, but those of us who are without formal training, tabs are how we learn new songs.  Many years ago when we were poor college students, my wife found a huge folder of tabs I had printed and put them by category in a big binder for me so I could easily find any songs I wanted to play.  Many devices, including the iPhone and iPad, allow players to read tabs, but sometimes it is difficult to read them or scroll through the song.  The i-tab is a stand alone device that not only carries the tabs, but also plays them with lyrics.  A refresh of the product has just been released and is ready to ship.

Release: i-tab Portable Guitar Tab Player Updated

PRESS RELEASE – November 2010

i-tab v1.2, the world’s first portable guitar tab player, upgraded and in stock

The revolutionary and patented i-tab scroll chords and lyrics in perfect time and the new firmware v1.2 version brings a host of improvements and comes in perfect time for Christmas!

The i-tab grabbed the headlines when it launched in spring 2010. It offered for the first time guitarists of all levels a pocket sized unit that sat on the end of a guitar which gave a prompt for song chords and lyrics and at the tempo of your choice.

The new v1.2 i-tab now plays custom multi-track MP3 backing tracks where you can remove any instruments or vocals as required in playback. The studio quality tracks offer the facility to tailor the playback and whether it’s the rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals or bass guitar you can choose what you want to hear.

The new units have an adjustable metronome volume with a choice of three sounds. The whole song book layout has been improved making it easier to see and featuring a larger clickable area. Further improvements include a new ‘Apply’ button where you can save your settings retaining all the information from the current session for the next time the unit is switched on.

The i-tab unit retains all the existing features including 5” touch screen, 4GB memory, in-built speaker and comes with headphones, stylus, USB connector, power charger along with a selection of song tabs. It includes TV out leads so you can play synchronized chords, lyrics and backing tracks through the player and the new v1.2 units allow control of the unit in TV out mode.

The i-tab v1.2 is available to purchase worldwide including X-music,, and . The price for the unit remains £129 (EU€149, US$199).

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