MacBook Air Case- Waterfield’s Suede Jacket Sleeve for 11″ and 13″ MacBook Air


My MacBook Air finally arrived. (I HATE delayed gratification even if it is just a week!) It is awesome. Small, thin, light but speedy. I love it. Were this seven months ago I would be bringing it everywhere. Since we are AiP (After iPad), however, I don’t see it going everywhere with me but I DO see taking it to CES in January and on other work/site-related trips. For those occasions I want something that can protect my precious Air while not adding too much bulk and weight. Waterfield has a great option for doing just that- the Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBook Air.

Waterfield’s new Suede Jacket Sleeve for both sizes of the Apple MacBook Air extends the familiar, and awesome Suede Jacket Sleeve line to Apple’s newest offerings. We have previously reviewed the Suede Jacket Sleeve for MacBook, for Kindle and for iPad. I liked them all and this is no exception.


As Waterfield explains the case this way-

It doesn’t get any thinner than this! The Suede Jacket Sleeve helps prevent scratches and dings on your Mac and the custom-sizing plus stretch memory of the Ultrasuede® insures a snug fit. An embedded layer of neoprene inside the bottom of the case protects your laptop where it needs it most when you set it down. A finger loop on either side helps you easily slip the sleeve over your laptop. This elegant, low-profile sleeve slips easily into a briefcase, messenger bag or backpack and helps protect your laptop from the minor bumps and bruises of daily use. Custom sizes for each of the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro models. Air Suede Jackets – Pre-order now for our next production run shipping by Wednesday, November 10th.


For example, the sleeve easily slips over the MacBook Air but is tight enough to hold the device securely without the need for anything else to secure it inside.


You will find finger loops on each side of the sleeve. These are great for getting the Suede Jacket on and off the Air.


They are tightly sewn onto the case and will not loosen over time and with use.


Finally, a thin layer of neoprene is sewn into the bottom of the sleeve.


It isn’t noticeable when you look at the Suede Jacket Sleeve but you can feel it when you grab the bottom of the case.


It is there to offer some added protection when the MacBook is inside and placed into a bag.

The Suede Jacket is available in either orientation so that, when ordering, you can choose if you want the MacBook Air to go inside vertically or horizontally. Personally I prefer the horizontal orientation but your taste and needs might differ.

Key features include–

* 100% scratch-free Ultrasuede with stretch memory.

* TSA friendly – laptops can remain in the Suede Jacket through airport security.

* An imbedded neoprene liner along the bottom where laptops need the most protection.

* Machine or hand-washable.

* Sleeve can be used to clean digital screens.

* Classic, Elegant black.

You can purchase the new suede jacket sleeve directly from Waterfield here.

At $25 for the MacBook Air 11″ and $29 for the MacBook Air 13″ Waterfield’s Suede Jacket Sleeves are well-priced and offer an excellent option for low-profile MBA protection.

MSRP: $25 and $29 depending on size

What I Like: Thoughtfully designed; Well constructed; Priced reasonably for such a high-quality product

What Needs Improvement: Nothing! I have liked this design for other devices and love it for my MacBook Air too!

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