Review: Cgear Sand-Free Multimat for Camping

Review: Cgear Sand-Free Multimat for Camping

Let’s face it: The outdoors can be dirty and dusty.  You go to the beach and try to lay a towel out and end up getting sand all over it.  You go for a swim and then get sand in your eyes when you dry off.  Not fun.  How do you cure this?  Cgear’s Sand-Free Multimat!  That’s how!

Review: Cgear Sand-Free Multimat for Camping

The Multimat is made from a special technological material similar to what the military uses a to keep dust down when landing helicopters in dusty environments.  This also works wonderfully to keep the sand and dust on the ground where it belongs and away from you.

Review: Cgear Sand-Free Multimat for Camping

The material looks like a solid fabric from a distance, but if you look at it closely it has holes that are just big enough to let sand grains and dust pass directly through it.  I also tested it with a handful of fine soil with a little mulch mixed in.  The mulch wouldn’t go through, obviously but all of the dirt fell right through the mat.

So what would I use this for?  I’d lay it out on the beach so the scratchy stand stays away from you.  On a car campout, I would stake it down in front of my tent using the convenient built-in d-rings.  You could even use it to cover the floor of your tent keeping the dirt away.  This weekend we are having a fall campout and we’re sleeping in a non heated cabin.  I’ll probably lay my sleeping bag on this and out my boots at the foot of my bag on the mat.  Basically, you can use this wherever you need to keep dust and sand away from you and your stuff.

It comes with a great bag made from the same material.  It has enough room to put in a magazine and a towel.

This particular mat is recommended for camping, but I think it would also work well at the beach.  It is available now direct from Cgear.

MSRP: $49.99 for 6 ft x 6 ft(as pictured), $59.99 for 8 ft x 8ft and $74.99 for 10 ft x 10 ft.

What I liked: Does it’s job well.  The bag is a nice touch.  Very well made product

What needs an improvement: I’d like to see 2 smaller versions.  One just big enough to be a doormat for the tent and one just small enough for one person to lay on.  Their new multirug(near the bottom of the page) they have coming out would be perfect for laying out on the beach.

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