Be the Band with an Old School Synth Style Tshirt from ThinkGeek

Be the Band with an Old School Synth Style Tshirt from ThinkGeek

When I graduated from high school, several of the PTAs in San Angelo banded together to do a Project Graduation party … one where we could go and  have fun, win prizes and (theoretically at least) be alcohol-free for the night. One of the events they held which drew the largest audience by far was an air guitar contest. Now bear in mind that I graduated in 1985, so this was before the days of Rockband — my friends were truly standing there, jamming on imaginary guitars — and it was beyond funny, yet also kind of impressive.

For some reason these ThinkGeek shirts brought back that memory … I mean, can’t you just imagine a group of guys on a makeshift stage jamming out to music they are creating from instruments silkscreened on their shirts? That would be something to see. So! If any of you make it happen, please send video.

You can start purchasing your new band equipment without taking out a loan or even attending lessons, by ordering ThinkGeek’s Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt, Electronic Guitar Shirt, Electronic Drum Shirt, or the Personal Shoundtrack Shirt.


Fairfax, VA – December 1, 2010 – ThinkGeek is bringing synth back with the release of its Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt, a real playable music synthesizer right on your chest.  Sure to deliver hours of musical fun, this shirt will allow you to quickly crank out some of the best synthesizer heavy classics like Thomas Dolby’s She Blinded me with Science, Van Halen’s Jump or A Flock of Seagulls’ I Ran.

Like ThinkGeek’s other playable electronic t-shirts, this fully playable t-shirt gives you professional level sounds in a very unique format.  With the addition of the Synthesizer shirt, ThinkGeek completes the whole band that can include the Electronic Guitar Shirt, Electronic Drum Shirt and the Personal Shoundtrack Shirt, which can have a mic added to the auxiliary port.

The synth shirt boasts high-quality pre-recorded sample sounds that are ready to play at a moments notice.  Sampled sounds include: 1984 (sounds of the 80’s), UFO (Close Encounters music), Dark Star (evil synth sounds), All Your Bass (slap bass) and Chopsticks (grand piano).

Each of the 25 playable keys represents a different note played in one of the five designated styles.  The shirt’s intricate functionality allows for eight keys to be played at once giving it an eight-voice capability.  The included wearable retro style mini amp box attaches to any belt or pant pocket and will assure that all your friends and family can hear the sweet tunes blaring from your shirt.  The amp requires 4 AAA batteries (not included) and features an  adjustable tone and volume knob.

The Electronic Music Synthesizer Shirt is available now on for $29.99 in adult sizes ranging from small to 2XL.

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