Flight Control for iPhone/Touch Review

Flight Control for iPhone/Touch Review

The addition of GameCenter on my iPhone has definitely sold me on several games.  Casual and puzzle games seem to be much more enjoyable when I get to compare my friend’s scores and talk a little trash (or hear some).  It seems like the most enjoyable of these games are puzzle style games that can be open ended.  The latest games my friends and I have been locking horns with is Flight Control.  The game is super addictive and will become surprisingly competitive.

Flight Control for iPhone/Touch Review

Flight Control is a line drawing game that is simple to play, but will prove to be challenging and very addictive.  As the planes and helicopters fly onto the board, draw a line as the flight plan and safely land all of the crafts.  Depending on the airfield, different aircraft must land at different places.  As the screen fills with more and more aircraft, the task of managing all of the flight space will become increasingly difficult.  Flight Control includes 5 unique airfields and 10 different aircraft.  Beach side resorts, aircraft carriers, Australian outback and even a winter wonderland.

Flight Control for iPhone/Touch Review

The landing area for each aircraft is marked by colored lines that will match colors on the planes.  It is also important to remember that each aircraft travel at different speeds which will be a huge factor when maneuvering and landing.  I have discovered that it is best to keep the planes away from the edge of the screen.  As a warning, an exclamation point badge will appear where a new craft is about to enter, but it is still dangerous flying around the outside to avoid surprises.  I also discovered that guiding crafts to follow each other is a great way to keep landing strips from getting too cluttered and causing an accident.

Flight Control for iPhone/Touch Review

Comparing scores with friends and leaders is not the only way to enjoy the game.  Play friends live with the peer to peer version of the game.  Players can connect via WiFi or bluetooth.  One user must host the game while their opponent searches for available games and chooses them as their opponent.  The game is over when one of the palyers loses a plane.  Not the best utilization of peer to peer gaming, but it does work well.

The controls and gameplay of Flight Control are simple, but players will be easily addicted clearing the skies and successfully delivering all of the aircraft.  It seems like each time the craft collide ending the game, one simple swipe could have avoided the accident and raised the score.  If you dare to join the addiction, check out Flight Control here in the app store for $.99.

What I like: Fun, addictive gameplay.  Great use of the touch screen and IOS to make a simple to control game.

What could be improved: The peer to peer mode could be more imaginative with players actually playing on the same screen rather than playing the same game head to head.

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