iPad Case Review: ingear Slim Nylon

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

Do you like to use your iPad in its out of the box, naked form factor? Or do you choose to protect your Apple tablet with something as slim as just a full body skin? Even if you answered yes to either of those questions you probably still want some sort of case to protect your device while transporting it though. The ingear Slim Nylon case for the iPad is just about the slimmest, sleekest, case I’ve seen.

The Slim Nylon Case includes a screen protector and installation card. A rare but very welcomed addition with iPad cases.

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

This horizontal style folio case is made from sturdy nylon that’s surprisingly lightweight for the amount of protection it offers.

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

The interior features a soft protective material that’s accented with a stylish lined pattern.  It reminds me of the interior that a certain high-end luggage company uses in many of its bags.

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

The iPad slides in and out of the sleeve style case with ease and once it’s tucked safely inside the case doesn’t take on much bulk.

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

If you want to charge or sync your iPad you will have to remove it from the case to do so as the 30-pin dock connector gets blocked by the case’s protective side panels.  But this will prevent dust and other debris from getting inside the port.

GearDiary iPad Case Review:  ingear Slim Nylon

The Slim Nylon Case from ingear is a no-nonsense, slim, form-fitting pouch style case for the iPad. Priced at only $24.99 it’s a great buy for someone who uses their iPad naked but wants to protect it while transporting it.  Since it comes included with a screen shield this is one case you’ll want to take a look at if your such a user.

You can learn more about the ingear Slim Nylon Case for the iPad here.

MSRP: $24.99

What I Liked: Inexpensive, slim, durable.

What Needs Improvement: iPad must be removed to charge.

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