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We have had the opportunity to review a number of JAVOEdge’s iPhone cases here on the site. Well it comes as no surprise that the company is also making cases for the iPad and they were kind enough to send two review samples to us so we could take a look first hand. Both cases have the same construction design but, being made from entirely different materials, they look and feel quite different.

First up is the JAVOSide Case – Fiber Pattern Sleeve Case for Apple iPad


From JAVOEdge-

The JAVOedge iPad Fiber Side Sleeve Case is a modern, graphic alternative to traditional leather cases.

Design features include openings for the iPad speakers and easy access to device features.

The JAVOedge iPad Fiber Side Sleeve Case is an ideal, slim carrying case, combining function with style.


My Thoughts-

As the company puts it, the case is made from “animal friendly material”. Translation, it is synthetic. That’s not a bad thing but just be clear, although it has a carbon fiber design the sleeve feels made from a thin vinyl on the outside and a soft cloth material on the inside. The carbon fiber design does look nice and it gives the sleeve just enough texture as to make gripping it easy.

A large enclosing tab on the top folds over the open side of the sleeve and holds the iPad inside quite securely. It is held in place by two fairly strong magnets. While I normally would not recommend a case that uses magnets since you won’t be USING the iPad when it is inside the sleeve there isn’t an issue in this case.

A small JAVOedge logo is easily seen on the enclosing tab.


The company describes the key features of the sleeve in this way…

* Protects your iPad from bumps, shock and scratches.

* Allows easy access to the iPad

* Lightweight Case weighing only a few ounces

* Materials are animal friendly

* Soft inner lining

To use the sleeve you simply lift the tab and slide the iPad inside. The fit is perfect- not too loose but not too tight. My iPad has a Clear-Coat film on both the screen and the body and I had no issue using the sleeve.

Side View

While inside the sleeve the volume toggle and screen rotation lock are accessible.

Top View

The mic, headphone jack and sleep button are as well.

Bottom View

And while the dock connector is covered, depending on which way to put the iPad into the sleeve the speaker is still partially or entirely open.

Since the sleeves have the same basic design lets take a look at the second one before discussing the pros and cons of the JAVOedge JAVOSide case. So next up is the JAVOSide Case – Poppy Sleeve Case for Apple iPad


This sleeve is constructed the same way but looks entirely different thanks to the flowered cloth from which it is made.

From JAVOEdge-

Brighten up your reading with JAVOedge’s Poppy Sleeve Case for Apple iPad.

The case’s printed canvas exterior is a bloom with bright wildflowers that add a pop of color.

Slide your iPad into the soft lined interior sleeve to protect it against scratches and scuffs.

A magnetic tab closure makes opening and closing your JAVOedge Poppy Sleeve Case hassle-free.

For on-the-go travel reading, the JAVOedge Poppy Sleeve Case adds feminine style with protection to your iPad.


My Thoughts-

In the above image you can better see the tab that both sleeves use to secure the iPad inside.

The cloth from which this sleeve is made is a bit rougher than the Carbon Fiber. That’s actually a good thing since it lets you get and keep an even better grip on the iPad if you are carrying it round.


The iPad goes into the sleeve in the same manner and, once inside, isn’t coming out until you want it to.


The bottom line here is that the two sleeves have the exact same design but give entirely different impressions. If you like flowers the Poppy Sleeve case is for you. If you like something a bit more subtle the carbon fiber is a good choice.

Both sleeves have an MSRP of $34.95.

JAVOedge Poppy Sleeve Case for Apple iPad (Sunny Yellow)
Product Link:
Retail value: $35.95

JAVOedge Fiber Sleeve Case for Apple iPad
Product Link:
Retail value: $35.95

What I Like-

Good, affordable protection for your iPad, very different choices but the same design, iPad held inside quite securely, headphone jack, volume and speaker are al accessible when inside, good 360 degree protection for times when you want to toss your iPad in a larger briefcase, soft interior material protects screen and back from scratches

What Needs Improvement-

Carbon fiber case feels a bit “plasticy”, sleeve design provides no protection when you are actually using the case,

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