Random Cool Stuff: Honda’s App Tells If You Were Naughty Or Nice on FaceBook This Year … But Beware!

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Random Cool Stuff: Honda's App Tells If You Were Naughty Or Nice on FaceBook This Year ... But Beware!

Since the advent of the web there have been sites like ‘Santa Trackers’ and ‘Naughty or Nice’ tests that would tell you about your behavior based on answering some questions. And since these were aimed at kids they would never ask anything that would allow a truly evil path. But what would happen if someone were to analyze your Facebook history for the past year?

If you head to Honda’s Facebook site, you can start the ‘NaughtyOrNice-a-Tron’, which will dig through everything you’ve done on Facebook this year and then spit out an answer about how you have behaved. It seems like innocent fun, but then after I clicked Start I was presented with the following permission page:

Random Cool Stuff: Honda's App Tells If You Were Naughty Or Nice on FaceBook This Year ... But Beware!

To me, that seems a little heavy on the intrusion of privacy side. Sure it is supposed to be for fun, but you are granting an app on a notoriously insecure site what amounts to ‘superuser’ permissions to tear through your account! At that point I decided that it wasn’t such a fun idea anyway and clicked out.

If you are willing to give up all of that information to Honda for a bit of fun, head on over to their NaughtyOrNice page and click Start!

For me it was yet another reminder of just how much privacy we are willing to throw away in the name of a bit of trivial fun or convenience.

Source: Buzzfeed

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