SplashID KeySafe Unlocks Your Cold, Security-Obsessed Heart

SplashID KeySafe Unlocks Your Cold, Security-Obsessed Heart

Well, now, what do we have here?  Generally a software company, SplashData has now taken one of their best known software products and merged it with a hardware product.  The SplashID Key Safe is a 2 GB USB drive made to fit on your keychain, but featuring a portable version of SplashData’s well-known password protection program, SplashID.  We’ve reviewed various incarnations of SplashID on this site a number of times in the past and we’ve always had good impressions of it.  I’ve always liked SplashID because it’s available for so many different platforms.

The Key Safe includes many of the features of the desktop version of SplashID, such as:

  • The same password generator as the mobile and desktop versions
  • Both Blowfish and AES encryption methods
  • Three ways to view your records: View, Panel and Tree views
  • Database sync, enabling advanced users to select multiple databases to synchronize with on the desktop and easily share data with other users, even across a network

Per SplashData promo materials, use the Key Safe in any computer, and upon removing the SplashID Key Safe, there won’t be any trace of your data on the computer.

SplashID Key Safe is available at SplashData.com for $29.99.

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