Review: Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves

Review: Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves

Have you ever found a sleeve that suited you 100 percent?  Well with Caseables, you finally can with their customizable sleeves.  I was not sent a custom sleeve, but a sample of one of the sleeves that they currently make.  Every stitch on this one is done with the same care and quality as any custom that you can order from Caseable.

Review: Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves

The inside of the sleeve is covered in very soft white fleece which should protect your laptop from scratches just fine.  I am not too sure about the color inside this one.  With all of the other color choices for the rest of the sleeve, on the classic model I was sent, white is the only option for the inside of the classic with the slim having a black fabric on the middle.

The outside on the one I was sent was a red neoprene with the art printed directly on it.  The art will not rub off and is imperceptible as you run your hand over it.  The nice thing with Caseable is you can upload your own image and they will put that on your sleeve or you can pick one of theirs.

Review: Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves

I really liked the zipper on this sleeve.  The pull is always a weak area for me and the pulls on this sleeve are very durable.  This zipper should last a long time.

Review: Caseable Customizable Laptop Sleeves

You also have the option of adding a handle.  I would prefer a sleeve without the handles, but the option is there if you’d like.  There are only 5 different colors you can choose for your handles.

I really like this sleeve.  As I am an avid amateur photographer, I’d love to take one of my favorite images and have it put on a sleeve.  I would probably opt for the slim versus the classic sleeve as I’d prefer the darker interior which should last longer before it starts to get grungy.

They have sizes from the iPad all the way up to a 17 inch PC.  There are separate Mac sleeves that are customized to fit the unique shape of the Mac.  The one nice thing is no matter what your colors or size of machine, the sleeves all cost the same $69.90+S&H direct from Caseable.

MSRP: $69.90

What I liked: A sleeve for your laptop that can truly be you.  If you want your kid printed on the side of it, you can.  If you want your website’s logo on the side, you can!  The choices are virtually unlimited.

What I didn’t care for: I’d like to be able to choose the color of the interior fabric.  White may look great when you get it, but after carrying your laptop I can see it getting grungy thanks to your body’s oils.  Prefer the slim design for this very reason.

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