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The relatively new Hard Candy Case company has been turning out new device cases at a pretty good clip lately. In fact, since the company opened for business a year ago this month that have moved quickly enough to now offer an extensive portfolio of products with more being released on what seems to be a monthly basis. We’ve looked at a number of Hard Candy’s offerings in recent months.


Today we will be looking at the latest case for the iPhone 4 and then giving away the review units to three lucky Gear Diary readers.

So let’s jump right in…

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From Hard Candy Cases-

Rugged style and shock absorbing TPU rubber make the Street Skin iPhone 4 case worthy of protecting your favorite device. Tough and edgy without adding bulk, this stylish iPhone 4 skin easily combines superior fashion with outstanding protection.

Features- Form-fitting TPU rubber skin; Full access to all media controls; Rugged design pattern; Specifically for the iPhone 4

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As you can see, the StreetSkin comes in three colors- Black, Clear and Pink. We opened and used the black case so that’s the one we will use in this review. All three colors reflect the same style and high level of protection and we have one of each to give away!

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True to its name, the StreetSkin is a skin-style case for the iPhone 4. As such the iPhone simply pops into the case back first. Okay, “pops in” may be an exaggeration… The material the case is made from is thick and, as such, it takes a bit of pushing to get the iPhone in and a lot of care to ensure you don’t bubble any screen protection that is on the phone.

I like the heavy material they used in the case. It feels truly substantial and should provide a nice degree of protection.

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The cutouts on the case are precise. There is plenty of room for cables on the bottom…

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And enough access to the top that the Sleep/Awake button is easy enough to access.

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The same goes for the volume buttons and mute toggle.

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Here is a shot of the back. You can see that this is a relatively beefy case. And the design that is cut into it helps ensure a good grip on the phone when you hold it.

Hard Candy 6.jpg

Another view of the back.

Hard Candy 9.1.jpg

And the “lay-on-the-table” design should give piece of mind.

In all, the Hard Candy StreetSkin is a different kind of silicon case. Most have a soft, mushy feel to them. This isn’t one of them. It gives a good grip, offers 360 degree protection yet it doesn’t add too much bulk.

The Hard Candy StreetSkin is available directly from the Hard Candy Web site.

MSRP: $29.95

What I Like: 360 protection; easy access to all ports and controls; adds good grip thanks to the design built into the case

What Needs Improvement: If you like bold silicone cases this is for you- if you like something truly refined this isn’t the case for you.


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  1. Here are my top 5 Tech-Wish Lists items!
    1) iPad
    2) iPod touch 4G 64gb
    3) Roku DV player
    4) 65″ LCD TV
    5) Nintendo 3DS


  2. 1) an iPad 2 (when it gets released)
    2) an iPhone 5 (ditto)
    3) a ChromeOS pc (the cr-48 is nice, but I’d really like to have one with a big screen)
    4) a proper gaming PC
    5) a next generation Kindle DX (if it comes with ePub support) or a refreshed, bigger e-ink Nook.

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  5. Here is my wish list:
    1) iPad 2
    2) Kindle DX
    3) Xbox 360 Kinect
    4) Neato Robotic Vacuum
    5) Macbook Air

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    Mine are:

    Macbook air
    Ipad 2
    Iphone 5
    Nook color

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