iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS Review

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iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS

I like beer. This is a fact that I didn’t realize until about two and a half years ago, when I began dating a man who was a home-brewer and all-around beer connoisseur. I’d never really been much of a beer drinker before, so I never had much need for a bottle opener; that has since changed.

There are so many fantastic brews available — none of which come with twist-cap, so being able to safely and easily remove a bottle cap when offered a new brew is a necessity. Therein lies the rub: I don’t carry a Leatherman or a Swiss Army Knife, so I don’t always have a bottle opener handy. I do, however, always have my phone with me … and if my phone were kept in the iBottleOpener iPhone Case, then I would always have a handy metal bottle opener with me, too! :mrgreen:

iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS

I was sent the iPhone 3G/3GS case to check out, and there is also an iPhone 4 version available. Both versions are slider-styles which are composed of hard molded plastic that has been coated with a black rubbery soft-touch finish; the interior is lined in the same soft-touch finish.

iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS

Once inside, the iPhone is fully protected against bumps, major scratches and dings on three sides; adding a screen protector should take care of all but the worst full-frontal disasters.

iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS

This case’s main caveat is that because of the built-in bottle opener it’s a bit thicker than most, but I suspect that those who will appreciate the bottle-opener will not mind the iPhone’s new incline one bit.

iBottleOpener for iPhone 3GS

The iBottleOpener makes a thoughtful present for your favorite beer-drinking, iPhone toting friend or family member. If you happen to have someone in mind who never seems to have a bottle opener handy, and so he (or she?) is constantly trying new and progressively dangerous ways to remove their bottle caps (including but not limited to trying to shock the cap off by striking it on a rail, or in desperation  — prying the cap off with their teeth :shudder:), then this might be an absolutely fabulous gift.

And here is my gift to you … since I don’t use the iPhone 3GS anymore, I’ll randomly choose one of this post’s commenters to give my review sample to; all you have to do is leave a comment about the craziest way you (or someone you know) has removed a bottle cap. I’ll choose a winner in the next day or so. If you reply using Facebook, be sure that you have your profile set so that non-friends can message you. 🙂

The iBottleOpener iPhone Cases (3G/3GS and iPhone 4) are available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $19.95

What I Like: Built in metal bottle opener that you’ll always have with you

What Needs Improvement: The built-in bottle opener makes the case a bit thick

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