Random Cool Video: Josh Groban Sings the Tweets of Kanye West

Random Cool Video: Josh Groban Sings the Tweets of Kanye West

Aside from liking his short stint on Ally McBeal back in the 90’s I have never been a fan of Josh Groban. As for Kanye West, I have been poring over his latest recording and trying to come up with a review that says more than ‘interesting music ruined whenever Mr. West opens his damn mouth’! But put them together? Pure gold!

This cool video reminds me of some of the great fake commercials from Saturday Night Live and In Living Color in years past … and is simply worth watching. The overly dramatic tone of Groban’s great voice with the self-centered banality of Kanye West’s tweets … pure gold I tell you!

From the official Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel:

Source: BusinessInsider

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