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April 5, 2012 • Gear Bits, News

Nyan Cat Gets an ‘Adventure’ for its First Birthday

Hard to believe that the meme that is Nyan Cat is only one year old today! It is a sign of the fast-moving times that these things go from nothing to everywhere to nothing again so quickly! Here are the basics from Wikipedia:

Nyan Cat is the name of a YouTube video uploaded in April 2011, which became an Internet meme. The video merged a Japanese pop song with an animated cartoon cat with the body of a Pop-Tart, flying through space, and leaving a rainbow trail behind it. The video ranked at number 5 on the list of most viewed YouTube videos in 2011.[1]

In honor of the event, casual developer 21st Street Games, makers of the online and iOS game Nyan Cat Adventure are throwing a celebration today!

Thursday, April 5th, 2012 we’re throwing a birthday party for Nyan Cat at 21st Street Games. This event is at 4:30, by invitation only at the studio and available for EVERYONE on USTREAM at We’ll have cake, a piñata, lots of Nyan Cat Adventure playing, Prguitarman (Chris Torres) in attendance and a special surprise!

Tune in at 4:30pm eastern for a special surprise!

The Ntan Cat Adventure game is also available for iOS on the App Store.

Head to the official site to watch a non-stop flying Pop Tart and listen to the theme song on infinite repeat.

You can also Tweet a birthday wish to Nyan Cat!

And, of course, here is the original video:

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