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January 10, 2011 • Reviews

Review: HTC EVO 4G Battery – Monaco Extended High Capacity 3500mAh


When I first got my EVO 4G I was thrilled. I’ve become a big fan of the Android OS and have always held a special place in my heart for any hardware HTC produces. What immediately did not thrill me though was the EVO’s battery. In simplest terms, it sucked! I thought the battery on the iPhone 3Gs was bad, well the EVO’s is worse. After conditioning the battery and making some modifications to my phone’s settings I was able to greatly increase the amount of power I’m getting off each charge but on heavy usage days I’m unable to make it through the entire day without a recharge.

Until now….

The Monaco Extended High Capacity Battery from Wireless Ground more than doubles the power of the stock EVO’s battery. It’s 3500 mAh means I’m now able to use my EVO as much as I want without having to worry about searching for a power supply come mid-day or having to carry an extra, back-up battery.

The battery comes complete with an replacement door. The larger capacity battery does add about 3-4 mm of extra girth to the phone and you must use the special replacement door to accommodate it.


Once it’s installed though the added bulk isn’t all that bad. The EVO is a large phone to begin with and adding just a tad more to the back doesn’t seem to effect its overall usability at all. If anything the special battery door creates a better feel in your hand due to the raised hump.


As far as usage goes the 3500 mAh battery provides for more than two times the capacity of the batter that comes bundled with the EVO. I was able to use my EVO over medium to strong use over the day/night without having to recharge once. Each time I tested it I still had 30-40% power remaining.


If you’re a heavy power user and you’re using an EVO I’m sure you’re suffering with battery performance. If this lack luster battery performance is driving you mad you’ll want to look at the Monaco Battery. There’s simply no better option when it comes to mAh capacity versus price. Did I mention this battery is currently on sale for only $59.95? You will not find a better deal on a battery of this type anywhere.

Check it out at Wireless Ground.

MSRP: Regularly $99.95 currently on sale for $49.95

What I liked: Adds more than double the power to the EVO. Bump in battery door provides extra grip.

What needs improvement: No white door option.

3 Responses to " Review: HTC EVO 4G Battery – Monaco Extended High Capacity 3500mAh "

  1. Review: HTC EVO 4G Battery – Monaco Extended High Capacity 3500mAh …

  2. Adrian Leibas says:

    is your phone rooted, not sure I’ve seen that home screen before? Also, have you found a holster that works with the new battery door?


  3. Larry Greenberg says:

    @Adrian – My phone’s not rooted. That’s ADW Launcher EX you’re seeing on the home screen. Francis actually encouraged me to try it. I was previously using Launcher Pro. Not sure it’s any better – and it doesn’t have the widgets the LP comes with – but it’s nice eye candy.

    I haven’t found a holster yet, but I wasn’t really looking. I think Seidio makes a variety of holsters that work with their extended batteries and cases, so they might be worth a look.

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