EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra Will Offer a Whole-Home Backup Power Solution

EcoFlow is a leading eco-friendly energy solutions company we have covered many times on Gear Diary. Their products are well-designed and user-friendly and always solve an energy problem. In 2023, the company is expanding its focus to encompass residential energy solutions. Their latest innovation, the EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra, is being unveiled at ShowStoppers during IFA.

EcoFlow is primarily known for its handy portable power stations, but they are taking it all a step further by focusing on ways to provide home energy solutions.

In May, at their European Headquarters in Germany, EcoFlow launched the EcoFlow PowerStream, which is basically a combination of an inverter, solar panel, and a power station that allows users to capture sunlight from their balcony and store it so they can use it to power their house, even when the sun isn’t shining.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra and Smart Home Panel 2

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra and Smart Home Panel 2

They also introduced the EcoFlow PowerOcean DC Fit during an event in Munich. This gadget can be easily added to homes with solar panels, giving users extra battery storage. It’s like upgrading your solar power setup. EcoFlow is showing off both of these innovations at IFA.

Participating in IFA2023 holds great importance for EcoFlow. It serves as a testament to our unwavering dedication to Europe, and we also see this platform as a launchpad to showcase our commitment to a power-independent future. As a technology pioneer, EcoFlow is firmly committed to driving change and leading the way in empowering individuals and families with sustainable energy solutions. – Magda Partyka, Communications Manager of Europe at EcoFlow

EcoFlow is also getting ready to show off something even more amazing: the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra. This thing is like a superhero for your home’s electricity. It can provide backup power for your whole house and ensure you’re never left in the dark. It’s another step EcoFlow is taking to make the world cleaner and give people more control over their power.

The EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra is a whole-home backup solution that offers unmatched backup power and independence. The Delta Pro Ultra will be released later, but it promises to solidify EcoFlow’s commitment to a more sustainable and empowered world.

By clicking here, you can learn more about EcoFlow Delta Pro Ultra and check out the brand’s other power solution products.

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