The Kora Xenolith Sweater Features a Merino-Yak Wool Blend You’ll Love

The trouble with winter is that whenever you want to keep warm outside, you feel like you need to bundle up in thick, heavy sweaters and coats. Kora decided to do something about that with their new Xenolith sweater that’s made out of a blend of Merino wool and Yak wool, which provides a high warmth to weight ratio.

Photo courtesy of Kora

Kora’s groundbreaking Hima-Layer Yardang 240 fabric is made by Kora themselves, not purchased, to ensure the highest quality. Kora actually purchases the raw wool directly from Tibetan communities to guarantee its origin and quality. The Merino wool is breathable, moisture wicking, and naturally odor-resistant while Yak wool is incredibly warm and super soft. Here are the details on this fabric and the benefits:

  • Weight: 240gsm
  • 70% merino, 30% yak wool: 100% natural fabric
  • Interlock knit
  • Uses: Base layer, Mid layer

Benefits include:

  • Augmented warmth for weight
  • Ultra-soft handle & itch-free
  • Robust, durable fabric
  • Smooth finish
  • Natural anti-odor
  • Moisture management
  • Temperature regulating

Logo detail

Kora’s attention to detail doesn’t stop at just their innovative fabrics, it permeates their clothing design as well. I am incredibly impressed with the Kora Xenolith sweater and have received multiple compliments on it to boot!

An inside-out view of the Xenolith. Photo courtesy of Kora.

In addition to Kora’s Hima-Layer Yardang 240 fabric, they’ve added Polartec Alpha insulation as well to provide a warm, yet lightweight sweater. The sweater has a light, durable mesh lining on the interior that adds to the breathability, stretch, and durability of this piece. The sweater is cut to fit close to the body so that it can be used as a layer above a base layer or below a coat.

Thumb loop detail

The sweater also has some smaller features that add to my interest. Kora included an extra long front zip so that it’s easy to get on and off while still not being a full zippered front. They also added thumb loops for those chilly days where you want to protect your hands from the cold but don’t want to wear gloves. Finally, Kora also included interior zipped pockets to store and hide valuables for a short time.

Zipper detail

I’m a huge fan of this sweater. Not only does it look good, but also it feels great. The combination of the Hima-Layer 240 fabric and Polartec Alpha make for an incredibly warm sweater while keeping the profile fairly slim. I love the option of the thumb loops on chilly days and I’ve received a bunch of compliments on the sweater, which I’m not used to. The fabric is very soft to the touch and it makes my wife incredibly jealous that it doesn’t fit her. Speaking of fit, I’m not a skinny guy and I usually wear large t-shirts and sweaters, but the large Xenolith sweater is slightly tight on me. While I know the sweater is designed to be form-fitting, this is something to keep in mind when ordering.  Overall, however, I believe the Kora Xenolith is a winter activity essential.

Interior detail

The Kora Xenolith sweater is available in men’s and women’s styles and in the following colors: Epidote Green and Steatite Gray. You can purchase yours directly from for $250.

Source: The Kora Xenolith sweater was a manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Great design; Innovative fabric that is both soft and warm while also light; Nice features and details

What Needs Improvement: Cost is on the high-end for a sweater

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