Review: H2OAudio’s Surge 2G Headphones

Review: H2OAudio's Surge 2G Headphones

As a frequent headphone wearer, I go through a lot of headphones.  Nothing kills headphones faster than water and sweat.  I have headphones literally fall apart because sweat and moisture caused the glue that held them together to weaken and they fell apart.  H2O Audio has a full line of headphones that do not have this issue.  They were kind enough to send me a set of their new Surge 2G Headphones.  The Surge headphones not only are water-resistant, they are waterproof.  They are designed not only to be rinsed in water after a workout, but to actually use in the pool while you are swimming.

Review: H2OAudio's Surge 2G Headphones

There are many features that makes this possible.  First, they include 5 different elastomer earplugs in the package so that you can choose the best fit for you to keep the music in and the water out of your ear.

Review: H2OAudio's Surge 2G Headphones

The cables themselves feel beefier than a standard set of headphones and are colored in a lovely blue color.

Review: H2OAudio's Surge 2G Headphones

Finally, if you they also work with the H2O Audio Amphibx Armband which is also available on the H2O Audio site.  The Amphibx together with the Surge 2G headphones will let you listen to your favorite music or podcasts not only near the water, but in the water.

The Surge 2G’s also sound pretty good too.  H2O Audio says they have improved “Bass Amplified Sound”.  I am not too sure about this as I am not one to listen to songs with a lot of heavy bass in it, but they sound fine for every type of audio I have listened to so far.  They don’t have the best quality, but they are more than sufficient for most people.

The other great  thing about these headphones is that they are durable.  I have accidentally snagged them on the railings on the bus and dropped my iPod with these on and they have kept on ticking.  The best durability feature on these headphones is the beefy audio connector.  I wish all headphones had one as beefy as this one as it’s a frequent part that breaks in my experience.  It is a little large to account for the ability to use with their waterproof cases, but I don’t mind the extra size at all and appreciate the engineering that went into this connector.

Even if you don’t plan on using these in the water, I highly suggest you take a look at these great waterproof headphones from H2O Audio.  They sound good and they won’t fall apart.  What more can you ask for in a good set of headphones?

MSRP: $49.99

What I like: Waterproof and durable. They sound good too!

What Needs Improvement: The cable is just a little short.  Wish is was an inch or two longer.

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