iPad Case Review: iSkin Aura for iPad

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I have a new favorite case and it comes from iSkin. It has the familiar (and personally favored) folio styling. It looks good and feels great in the hand. Its styling is conservative enough for using the iPad in a business setting yet stylish enough that it is anything but boring. And, despite its seemingly simple design, it offers tremendous flexibility with regard to use. Yes, iSkin’s aura for iPad has it all… Including a high price tag.

So is it worth it? Read on and decide for yourself. Bear in mind however; “I have a new favorite case and it comes from iSkin.” 🙂

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From iSkin-

Elegance Encapsulated. The elegant, multi-functional iSkin aura for iPad starts where other folios end. Combining modern lightweight materials with a metallic-brush fabric, it gives extended functionality and versatility a sleek, new and glowing cover

Aura Does it All… with Style. The elegant, multi-functional iSkin aura for iPad starts where other folios end. Combining modern lightweight materials with a metallic-brush fabric, it gives extended functionality and versatility in a sleek, new and glowing way to keep your iPad safe.

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As noted above, the styling is not flashy so the aura is great in a work setting, but it is also fairly stylish. In part this balance comes from the small details such as the contrasting color used where various panels of the case meet. It also comes from the use of “a metallic-brush fabric”. The material has a nice look to it and it offers just a bit of traction when you go to grab the iPad.

The material connecting the two sides does not have the same metallic look or feel but it does offer plenty of texture. This makes it even easier to hold. The iSkin logo is embossed in the material. It is quite noticeable but because it does not scream out in a different color I didn’t find the logo problematic. In all, while I tend to personally prefer leather the choice in materials and design work beautifully together.

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As you can see, the fit and finish of the case is excellent. The edges are straight and the cutout for the light sensor is perfectly punched.

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The various controls are easy to access and, as I used the case more, the controls and the cutouts became better centered.

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The case itself is held closed with a single snap and a velcro tab holds the iPad in place once it is put into the aura.

Two snaps hold the back panel in place when the case is closed or being used like a book. Unsnap the panel and you will find a fair bit it “business” going on. It is here that the aura gains its flexibility and really stands out. Why? Because the case offers a number of different use-modes.

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Typing mode

First, the iSkin aura has a “typing mode” that positions the case perfectly for those times when you want to type on the screen using the virtual keyboard. (Aside- I purchased the iPad keyboard when I got mine last spring and NEVER use it. Between Dragon Dictation and the virtual keyboard I am good to go when I need to use my iPad for writing.)

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Beneath the back panel is a thin strip of material that is sewn to the case on one side. As iSkin explains-

The aura flips into action by gracefully transforming into a typing stand for iPad and featuring a clever privacy shield that also helps to block out glare from surrounding lights. Switch between display and typing mode with care and with ease.

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Pull down the strip of material and place the iPad down on it and the iPad is perfectly positioned.

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There is nothing holding the iPad at that angle other than weight and gravity but I have not had an issue with it slipping even once.

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iSkin points out that the case even has a “privacy mode”. This is accomplished by letting the flap that usually covers the iPad’s screen flip up and rest along the side of the iPad. I thought this was a bit hokey at first but, after trying it, realized that it works and it does not interfere with the usability of the device.

Display mode

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Thanks to three fairly subtle ridges in the case’s cover the aura also offers three different angles for those times when you simply want to consume content on your iPad.

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As iSkin explains-

When it comes to showing its stuff, the aura is pure talent. Featuring three angle positions, the aura quickly converts to a display stand for your iPad — ideal for showing videos, movies and presentations.

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To use the display mode you just rest the iPad’s edge on one of the ridges. It stays put without any additional work. This is how I have been using my iPad for the last few days. had my email up on my iPad and did my other work on the laptop. The medium viewing angle was perfect and the iPad stayed in place without the need of a separate stand.

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I really (REALLY!) like the iSkin aura for iPad. I like the fit and finish. I like the material used on it. I like the high degree of flexible use it offers. I like the degree of protection it provides without feeling overly bulky. I REALLY like it. In fact I like everything about it but the price. At just under $120 it is one of the pricier cases I have seen. Add in the fact that synthetic materials are used and I suspect many potential customers will shy away from pressing the “Buy” button. That’s a shame because the aura really is one of the best cases I have used. I love the review unit and really think it is worth a look; even at such a high price.

The iSkin aura is available directly from iSkin in Carbon, Sienna, and Bronze.

MSRP: $119.99

What I Like: Fit, finish, look and feel are all excellent; Offers great flexibility for a wide range of use situation; Provides excellent protection

What Needs Improvement: Pricey

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