New Line of Harman Kardon Headphones “Bring Superior Sound, Comfort and Audio Innovation”

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New Line of Harman Kardon Headphones "Bring Superior Sound, Comfort and Audio Innovation" Listen to this article


In Harman Kardon’s new line of headphones “modern design meets sophisticated acoustic performance”. And while we cannot vouch for the sound (yet!), the look and specs of the lineup are impressive. The collection includes a pair of in-ear headphones that cost under $100 and a soon-to-be-released pair of  noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones at the top of the pricing structure. Here’s a rundown of the collection.


At the low-end of the pricing structure are the in-ear NI headphones. At just $99.95 these headphones feature 9mm drivers. Ultra-light for comfort, the headphones have a rectangular black housing that is “shaped like the back of an iPhone” and come with three sizes of silicon sleeves for the best fit and noise isolation. A 3-button remote with a built-in microphone lets you control music and take calls.


At $149.95, the in-ear AE headphones are “acoustically enhanced”, sporting premium 9mm drivers that are optimized to work with the unit’s metal housing to “deliver extended bass response”. The silver-toned aluminum casing looks sleek and helps provide true low-frequency reproduction. These headphones also come with three sizes of silicon sleeves but also include foam sleeves. A 3-button remote with a built-in microphone is also included.


Moving up to $199, the on-ear CL headphones have metal hinges, a sand-blasted metal finish and rectangular ear cups that “reflect the iPhone’s iconic design”. These headphones have 40mm drivers and are “uniquely baffled to create an air flow that extends the low frequencies – bass – better than other models in its class”. The cables are made of a tightly woven fabric to enhance feel as well as durability and flexibility and are, of course, detachable.


At $249, the over-ear BT headphones cut the cord by adding Bluetooth capabilities. They also include an integrated microphone. Playback control buttons sit along the side of one earcup and allow for convenient control of your music. The headphones will last up to 12 hours on a single charge and can be recharged using the included USB cable. Especially nice is the fact that these headphones include a “passive mode”. If the battery runs out you can simply plug in the included cable and use the headphones as you would and non-Bluetooth system. As the company is quick to point out, competitive Bluetooth headphones do not offer passive playback.

And later this summer, a new NC unit will be available. Coming in at an MSRP of $299, these Bluetooth headphones get up to 30 hours of playback and include noise-canceling technology.

In all, the current lineup from Harman Kardon has something for every taste and budget. We are looking forward to offering a more detailed look once we get our hands on them. You can check out more details and images on the company site.

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