Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans

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Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans Listen to this article

Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans

Possibly just in time for Valentine’s day, but definitely in time for graduation or late spring and summer birthdays, comes the ultimate gift for any Star Wars aficionado: Star Wars: Frames. Imagine if you will, George Lucas sitting in his office with every Star Wars movie at his disposal. Imagine him sorting through millions of individual frames as he picks and chooses his favorites; every battle, every character’s emotion, every iconic scene laid out in front of him. The result of his selection process would ultimately become Star Wars: Frames, an 1,138 copies limited edition. Each set comes in an art deco-inspired wooden box, each includes a certificate personally signed by George Lucas, and each comes with some serious bragging rights …

Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans

The ultimate limited edition, Star Wars: Frames brings together master filmmaker George Lucas’ personal shot-by-shot selections from all six Star Wars films into a six-volume, luxurious hardcover set. Limited to only 1,138 copies and presented in a sumptuous art deco-inspired wooden case, each volume of Star Wars: Frames showcases a single movie from the live-action Star Wars Saga. Every limited edition set is numbered and contains a special tipped-in certificate personally signed by George Lucas!

For collectors and Star Wars aficionados, this history-making, extremely exclusive package will live on as a grand project devoted to the art and craftsmanship of a cinematic phenomenon. Star Wars: Frames presents an essentially photographic, and yet filmic, look at the cinema of George Lucas — in glorious widescreen, presented as never before on large-format pages, over 1,400 images printed with the highest production values available to bookmaking.

“Cinematography is not about technology,” said Lucas. “It’s about lighting, it’s about composition, it’s about taste. In the end, it’s about understanding your craft.”

On Friday, September 9, 2005, George Lucas began frames selection with Mike Blanchard and J. W. Rinzler in an editorial suite at Skywalker Ranch. Sessions generally took place two to three times a month, until Friday, July 11, 2008. More than two years were then required to solve all of the production challenges presented by the project’s exacting requirements. Star Wars: Frames is the result of several interrelated disciplines, as practiced by experts in their fields, all working in the service of one of the masterpieces of cinema.

Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans

If this collection is something you can’t live without, then you had better get to the official Star Wars site and place your pre-order. At $3,000 Star Wars: Frames is not inexpensive, but I have no doubt that this limited edition will still sell out.

If you get a set, do let us know! :mrgreen:

Star Wars: Frames for the True Fans

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