Paperback and eBook Price Differences!


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Paperback and eBook Price Differences! Listen to this article

Paperback and eBook Price Differences!

Generally speaking, I tend to buy eBooks over paper books. I like reading on my Kindle, and since I am usually reading more than one book at once it saves me the trouble of juggling several books on my nightstand or gear bag. My only major exception is if the book is not available in eBook form. I did trip across another reason to buy the paperback version over an eBook this week, though…

Paperback and eBook Price Differences!

That’s a screenshot of the listing for the Kindle edition of Michael Pollan’s “In Defense of Food”. Note that Amazon makes sure to tell you this price was set by the publisher.

Paperback and eBook Price Differences!

Then there’s the listing for the paperback version. Almost $4.00 cheaper! Crazy!

This is one of those things that need to get fixed by publishers. It’s ridiculous that the eBook would be priced at such a significant premium to the paperback, and it strikes me as either a sad disconnect or a desperate attempt to lure consumers to buy paper books. In any case, it’s frustrating!

Have you been faced with this type of pricing difference choice? Which version did you buy? Share your experiences below!

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