dB Cases Crank It Up

dB Cases Crank It Up

Just can’t quite hear your iPhone or iPod Touch but hate earbuds and a big-honkin’ add-on amplifier unit is nowhere in sight? The folks at dB Cases have a solution for you.

Taking advantage of a natural phenomenon of directing sound through the use of an adjacent flat surface, dB Cases tout being able to double (and then some) the sound level from the device without any additional electronics.

We have all probably seen that person trying to hear the sound or voice coming from the tiny speaker on the bottom of the iPhone and in a pinch that person cups their hand near the bottom in an attempt to direct the sound to their ears.

dB Cases Crank It Up

That is what dB Cases does for you. It uses the natural reflection properties of a smooth surface next to the speaker and directs it back to the user thereby naturally doubling (or even more) the perceived sound level coming from the device.
Simple, huh? And they got it.

The current product model line consists of:
dB3: Audio boost with access (for charger cord);
dB4: Maximum audio performance (perfect for gamers);
dBMini: Performance in a little package (clip-on unit for those who don’t like full cases), and;
dBPro: Natural amplification (case courtesy Mother Nature).
The product launch of dB Cases is on Kickstarter.com and they are taking pre-orders right now. Cases are currently being developed for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad with Android and other mobile devices expected to be added soon.

dB Cases Crank It Up

From the manufacturer
The dB Case is an acoustic case that amplifies the sound of your iPhone by 3-4dB by redirecting the sound towards you. I have a few different models to choose from, including a clip on accessory for people who don’t like to use cases that much. Each of the cases come in a variety of “green” plastics and different wood grains to choose from, all of which offer performance and protection in an easy to carry solution. I’ve had a lot of musicians inquire about the wooden cases and how they want one to match their guitar, I thought that was pretty cool idea. I’m starting with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad cases at first. Ultimately I plan on building dB Cases for Android and other mobile platforms too. The cool thing about my project is I plan to manufacture the cases from new types of bio-resins, so even the plastic cases will be 100% natural just like the wooden models. Please feel free to check out our Kickstarter post here: http://kck.st/eRFLcU or visit http://www.dbcases.com for more information.
dB Cases Crank It Up

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