iPhone Headset and Case Review: Mogo Talk XD2 for iPhone 4


Just after CES we reviewed the Mogo Talk XD for iPhone 4. The Mogo Talk HD is an iPhone case plus Bluetooth headset in one. When I had first seen the product released I thought it was a bit silly, but after trying one for myself I was sold. The case is decent enough and the convenience of always having a good, comfortable BlueTooth headset around is fantastic.

Well ID8Mobile, the company behind the product, has now released the Mogo Talk HD2 for iPhone 4 and we’ve got a quick look at one.


What’s in the Box:

MoGo Talk XD 2 for iPhone 4 High Performance Bluetooth Headset

Slim MoGo Grip Case

SoundShape eartips in six comfort fit sizes

Micro USB Charging cable

Quick-Start guide

Here’s what the company has to say about the Mogo Talk HD2:


MoGo Talk XD2 for iPhone 4 reinvents the Bluetooth headset by introducing a simply brilliant Bluetooth Solution that provides the ultimate in communication convenience and iPhone 4 protection. The MoGo Talk headset + case system delivers form and function through an elegantly powerful communication device that integrates seamlessly with a stylishly thin protective case for your iPhone 4.

Headset + Case System

Featuring the best in communication convenience and iPhone 4 protection in one highly integrated product, the MoGo Talk XD2 for iPhone 4 is the World’s thinnest high performance headset that snaps seamlessly and securely into the accompanying Slim Mogo Grip Case. MoGo Talk XD is the headset that is always with you and always ready.

Crystal Clear Conversations

The MoGo Talk XD2 for iPhone 4 headset delivers two-way crystal clear conversations leveraging powerful SmartAudio™ noise and wind reduction, active noise compensation & echo cancellation technology that is perfectly complemented by the SoundMonitor™ high fidelity sound technology, previously reserved for in-ear monitors used by top musicians.

Superior Comfort + Secure Fit

The Exclusive SoundShape™ ear bud design naturally flex-forms and fits the contours of your individual ear. These ear buds provide comfortable and secure long-term wear along with more than 15dB of passive noise-cancellation to block ambient noise and supply rich bass response. The MoGo Talk XD2 headset also adjusts to your individual face shape for a streamlined fit.

Recommended for…

Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 users who need a high performance, stylish headset that is always with you and your iPhone.


The centerpiece of the Mogo Talk XD2 is the headset. It offers 4 hours of talk time and 72 hours of standby. It has Bluetooth 2.1, does multi-point pairing (can be paired simultaneously) with up to 5 devices and has “SmartAudio Noise + Wind Reduction, Active Noise Compensation + Echo Suppression and SoundMonitor High Fidelity In-Ear Audio” for superior audio quality on the go.


Weighing in at just .32 oz it is one of the smallest and lightest headset I have seen. It is also quite comfortable.


The various earcups ensure you will find a good, tight, comfortable fit.


The “Slim MoGo Grip Case” is constructed from a hard polycarbonate shell plus a “Thermo Plastic Elastomeric Edge” for a softer feel.


The back has a “MoGo Dock with retention clip”.


There is also a MicroUSB charge connector just below the opening for the iPhone’s dock connector. This is how the headset charges although the company also sells a separate stand-alone charging solution.


To get the iPhone into the case you simply seat it inside and the press down. It doesn’t take much pressure and the case does a good job of holding the phone in place. It is not coming out unless you want it to.


The fit and finish are quite good; this is not as thin as the cases to which I gravitate but it certainly isn’t bulky.

As you can see, the hope for the mute toggle is fairly large. As far as I can tell this is the biggest difference between this case and the original version for the iPhone. Yes, that larger opening means this case will work with both the GSM and CDMA versions of the iPhone.


The headset holder adds surprisingly little depth to the case. That’s a good thing and an engineering marvel!

The Mogo Talk XD2 is largely unchanged from its predecessor, although it now works with the Verizon iPhone as well as the GSM version. It has an MSRP of just under $100. When you consider the fact that you get a case AND a headset, I would say that is a pretty good deal.

You can get details and order one for yourself here, on the ID8Mobile web site.

Since it is largely the same as the version we reviewed last month, we will leave the likes and dislikes the same

MSRP: $99

What I Like: Case and headset all in one so you always have the headset with you; headset sounds quite good, especially considering its size; various earpieces let you find the right fit and comfort

What Needs Improvement: Headset can only be charged while in the case; Not the prettiest case we have seen

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