Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter, 70W Car Charger, Mount, and Charger Mount — Conveniently Power Your Devices At Home, While Traveling, and On-the-Road!

We know that Nomad makes some of the best cases for your iPhone, and Nomad’s Apple Watch straps are as elegant as they are functional. Of course, Nomad’s wireless charging systems are some of the best available. Recently, they’ve introduced a host of new mobile accessories worth checking out, including the Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter, 70W Car Charger, Mount, and Charger Mount. Let’s take a look.

Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter

Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter

The Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter is compact, powerful, and built with GaN technology. At $35, it delivers fast, safe power for charging phones, tablets, and other mobile devices. All chargers aren’t the same, and when designing the 35W Slim Power Adapter, Nomad wanted to ensure it was as powerful as possible while still being safe for today’s increasingly pricey devices. As the company notes,

Using gallium nitride (GaN), our adapters are up to 3 times more efficient than silicon-based alternatives, and they’re much smaller. Plus, we added an advanced thermal compound to keep the internals cool during charging, further boosting efficiency.

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Barely thicker than the iPhone, the Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter has flip-out prongs that make it ideal for daily carry. Fold in the prongs for safety when tossing it in your backpack, and then, when you need to top off your device, flip out the prongs and plug it in. One USB-C PD port delivers the full charge and will have you up and running quickly.

Features include:

  • 35W Power Output
  • USB-C PD
  • Built with GaN technology
  • Ultra-slim design
  • Flip out prongs

This affordable wall charger is great for use at home, but thanks to its small, slim design and foldable prongs, it is great for road warriors, too. Check it out.

Nomad 70W Car Charger

Nomad 70W Car Charger

Like the 35W Slim Power Adapter, the new Nomad 70W Car Charger features GaN technology to deliver fast, safe power to phones and tablets.

Nomad 70W Car Charger

But, since most cars only have one power port, Nomad created a car charger with dual USB-C PD ports. That means you can charge two phones and a tablet on the road, and thanks to its 70W power output, it can quickly fill the battery of two devices simultaneously.

But there is more to this car charger than meets the eye, thanks to Nomad’s ProCharge Power Philosophy. As they explain,

With our ProCharge power philosophy, the 70W Car Charger directs maximum power to either port when charging a single device. When charging two devices, ProCharge automatically reroutes power to both ports, delivering 50W to the high-speed blue port and 20W to the black port.

That means you can even charge a MacBook on the go!

Nomad 70W Car Charger

Features include:

  • 70W Power Output
  • Dual USB-C PD Ports
  • ProCharge Power Philosophy
  • Built with GaN technology

If you spend significant time in the car, are planning a road trip, or are camping, the new Nomad 70W Car Charger is the accessory your car needs. It has an MSRP of $60 and is available now.


Nomad Mount

Nomad Mount

If you have ever had your phone fall and slip under the seat while driving, you know how vital an excellent mounting solution is in the car. The new Nomad Mount is just that solution.

Nomad Mount

The $45 Nomad Mount snaps into standard horizontal and vertical vehicle vents, providing a secure hold. Made from elegant polycarbonate and glass, powerful magnets in the surface grab hold of any MagSafe-enabled device and securely hold it in place.

I’ve gone over speed bumps at high speed to test the grip and have been pleased that my phone didn’t even move when I did!

Pair it with the Nomad 70W Car Charger and a Nomad USB-C to USB-C cable, and you have a secure way to keep your phone charged, in view, and out of hand!

Nomad Charge Mount

Nomad Charge Mount

Finally, if you want a truly elegant way to keep your phone charged, in view, and safe in the car, look no further than the $80 Nomad Charge Mount.

Nomad Charge Mount

The Charge Mount looks similar to the Nomad Mount but offers a complete charging system. In the box, you get the Charge Mount, a small USB-C car charger, a cable, and clips for keeping the cable out of the way.

Like the Mount, the Charge Mount securely clips into a car’s air vents and holds any MagSafe-enabled phone in place thanks to powerful magnets in the glad surface.

Nomad Charge Mount

The Qi wireless charging system built into the Charge Mount delivers 7.5W of power when used with an iPhone (the maximum Apple currently allows) and 15W when using devices that permit fast charging.

As they put it,

Whether you’re glancing at Apple Maps or answering a call, Charge Mount’s powerful magnets provide secure iPhone attachment and steady charging on even the most rugged roads. Snap your device into place to enjoy effortless viewing and charging.

Features Include:

  • Sleek polycarbonate & glass design
  • Charges any MagSafe-enabled device
  • Charges iPhone at up to 7.5W
  • Up to 15W for other devices
  • Compatible with standard horizontal and vertical vehicle vents
  • Includes USB-C car charger & cable

I appreciate that the Charge Mount is an all-in-one solution for charging phones in the car. I’ve been using it in mine for the past month and have been exceptionally pleased. I especially love how it compliments my car’s black interior and fades into the background when not used. It is definitely worth the $80 price!

These are just a few of Nomad’s growing line of high-quality, fast-charging mobile accessories.

Click here to see Nomad’s entire line of high-quality, fast-charging mobile accessories, including the new Nomad 35W Slim Power Adapter, 70W Car Charger, Mount, and Charger Mount.


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