Mujjo Brings You a Better Leather with Their Wallet Case

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If you’ve ever used a wallet case, you know that there are many varieties of them, and although handy to carry your multiple cards, plenty of them make your already thin smartphone feel rather bulky. And Mujjo is attempting to rectify this with their leather wallet cases for your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus.

Mujjo Brings You a Better Leather with Their Wallet Case

Using Moulded Edge Technology, the Mujjo leather wallet cases are designed to hold up to three of your most used ID or debit cards, all while eliminating the bulk on your pockets. Mujjo crafted their cases using a polished polycarbonate, which strengthens the durability of the leather used at its most fragile points, which are typically the edges of your case, which are susceptible to drops and average wear and tear. Many times I’ve been guilty of dropping my phone, and unlike Apple’s traditional leather case, the Mujjo leather case promises to protect a bit more of the edges of your device, with the ability to store your essentials.

Mujjo Brings You a Better Leather with Their Wallet Case

Also, instead of using the traditional method of wallet cases for iPhones, Mujjo opted to go for an 80-degree method using a slate land for the card pocket, giving you the ability to store the cards in a more elegant, yet easier way to slide your cards in and out of the holder versus the traditional stacked versions you might see on the market today.

Mujjo Brings You a Better Leather with Their Wallet Case

Available for BOTH the iPhone 6s and the larger iPhone 6s Plus, you can find out more information about the leather wallet case today on!

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